What are you afraid of?

The morgue?
A haunted house?
Halimaw sa banga?
The cemetery?
A cockroach?
A dead cockroach?
Big fat mice with gleaming red eyes?
Death itself?
Being poor?
Being unemployed?

Or unrequited love?

What are you afraid of?

I’m afraid of mice with gleaming red eyes and the last one.




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Sept? Oui!

Comment dit-on seven en francais?

Un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six, sept… SEPT!

Ooh-la la, fabuleux!

[1] In my first year in college, I met 6 wonderful people who became my original Bene college barkada. The seven of us became the señores of the then most popular tambayan in Inner Circle, BF Paranaque.


Original Bene College Kada

The boys: Kuya Rolf and Kuya Philip. The girls: Moi, Jap, and Karen. The in-betweens: Geri and Kang.

I think Kuya Rolf is busy in the seminary now. Kuya Philip is in Libis, taking care of his newborn baby and his wifey, Ate Kat. I was just with Jap today. Karen is already in Dubai. Doing what? I don’t know. Prolly dissing camels. Japan is blessed to have Geri, its lost daughter back. Kang? I have no idea where it is. It’s not my friend anymore.

[2] PBA Cager/Ateneo Blue Eagle, Rico Villanueva gave the 7th most interesting testimonial in my 1st Friendster account. His jersey number in ADMU and in Red Bull was 14. 7 x 2 = 14. Mwehehe. He wrote this testi on the 7th day of October 2003 at 6:01 PM. 6 + 1 = 7. Haha. Ipagpilitan daw ba?



[3] I usually leave work at 7pm. My shift starts at 10am. I love my sched. It’s conducive to my steady yet active nightlife and to my morning lethargic spells.

[4] I was born under the Sagittarius-Capricorn cusp. According to the 7th link in Google, those who are born from Dec 19 to 23 are

…flirtatious, devoted and playful in love and relationships. The great strength of the Sagittarius/Capricorn-born is in their philosophical and exploratory nature. It is important to them that they live life to the fullest, experiencing everything they can. Their ambition is inexhaustible, and they are not easily deterred when their goals are in sight. Their hard work makes them one of the most successful characters of the Zodiac.


[5] Dopey is my favorite among the seven dwarves of Snow White. Isn’t he adorable? Fine, fine. A bit retarded, but cute nonetheless.




[6] Raymond Matthew G. Aldeguer, my 7th boyfriend. The second guy I loved. Yaaaataaaa. If I’m not mistaken, he became my boyfriend on April 7, 2000. I have nothing else to say. Haha. Ay meron pa pala. His height is 5’7″.



[7] The 7th mp3 in my WinAmp is Ant + Dec’s Falling. It’s prolly the cheesiest love song I like after Edward Chun’s Give My Love.

I don’t know what came to me that I started my post in French.

Je ne sais pas.


I tag Rona, Joko, Jovi, Sawn, Selvo, Kiwi, and Dana. Tag-tag-tag-tag-tag-taaaaaaag-tag!


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Bday Mo Pala

At may 80’s benefit show ka daw tonight sa Metrobar with Ogie Alcasid and Rufa Mae?


Ganon ba talaga ‘pag tumatanda? Kumoconcert at bumebenefit na lang? When I hit that age, magpapaconcert din ako. Kasama si Madonna. As in si maDONNA Cruz. Kakanta kami ng Like a Virgin na remixed with Kapag Tumibok Ang Puso. We will disgust people. Yessss. That’s growing old with a vengeance.


Anyhoodles, happy 33rd birthday. Stay healthy and gout-free. At penge ng otap.

Have a good one, Mr. Tupaz.


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Liz Speaks I

Namimiss kong maglambing.
Namimiss kong maging baduy at korni na may excuse na, “Eh in love ako eh!”
Namimiss kong hindi magulo.
Namimiss kong walang iniisip kung may masasaktan.
Namimiss kong hindi ako ‘yung nasasaktan.
Namimiss kong ako lang. Mag-isa. Walang kaagaw. O walang inaagaw.
Namimiss kong maging selfish at selfless at the same time.
Namimiss kong may pinapagluto ako.
Namimiss ko ang steady.
Namimiss ko ang In a Relationship.
Namimiss ko na magdemand ng kiss. And ng hug.
And magpabuhat ‘pag napapagod na ako.
(Or kahit hindi ako napapagod.)
Namimiss ko na may kasamang magsimba.
At kasama magkape sa Starbucks o sa Fivebucks aftermass.
Namimiss ko na may movie partner.
Namimiss ko na may taga-ubos ng popcorn ko.
Namimiss ko na may mag-eeffort pangitiin ako ‘pag pakiramdam ko inaaway ako ng mundo.
Namimiss ko na walang pressure.
Namimiss ko yung comfortable silence.
Namimiss ko yung holding hands.
Namimiss ko yung getting lost in each other’s eyes.
Namimiss ko yung surprise kisses.
Namimiss kong maging human alarm clock.
Namimiss ko ring mahing human counter.
Nasabi ko na bang namimiss kong maglambing?
Namimiss kong magpa-cute kahit hindi naman bagay sa akin.
Namimiss kong may pinapaglaban.
Namimiss kong kiligin ng todo-todo, sobra-sobra.
Namimiss ko yung pakiramdam na sasabog ang puso ko dahil gusto ko ipagsigawan sa buong mundo pati na rin sa Mars na may mahal ako.
Namimiss ko yung pag-iisip na masisiraan ako ng bait ‘pag hindi ko makasama ang taong mahal ko sa segundong ‘yon.
Namimiss ko ang mga panahong naniniwala pa ako na may taong mag-iisip rin ng ganito para sa akin.
Namimiss kong magkaron ng karapatan na magselos.
Namimiss kong wala akong namimiss, dahil hindi ako binibigyan ng panahon ng kawalan.
Namimiss kong makinig sa happy love songs na hindi nagiging bitter.
Namimiss kong may siguradong masaya dahil kasama ako sa buhay niya.
Namimiss ko ang mga panahong may kinakapuntahan ang mga sitwasyong pinipili ko.


listening to: The Corrs – What Can I Do

Daisy, Kean, Lolit, Mcoy

While everyone’s still blogging about the Glorietta 2 bombing, here I am choosing to keep things light.

Lemme talk about the Quantum Physics and its connection with the Austrian economy. Light, di’ba?

Uluuuuuul. Haha.

Aryt, lemme talk about showbiz, as inspired by The Buzz.

Daisy Romualdez is accusing Callalily vocalist, Kean Cipriano of hiding her adopted daughter, Danita.



Naman. Look at that face. Is that the face of a criminal? Damn you. Look at him. Not me. Sa paningin ko, mukha s’yang batang munti na walang gagawing masama. pero sana magsuklay s’ya paminsan-minsan.

Even if he’s guilty, wouldn’t you want that rocker boy to abduct you? Tapos tadjakan mo sa balls ‘pag kidnap lang ang ginawa and walang rape. Haha.

I’m just playing. I don’t like Kean in that way. I’ve met the guy, hung out with him and his band. I personally think he’s a bit weird, but nice and well-mannered nonetheless.

Danita… I don’t have an opinion about her. She’s… blah.

Daisy Romualdez. Hmmm… Daisy, Daisy, Daisy. If I had a mother like her, maglalayas rin ako. She’s an even bigger virago than Annabelle Rama. Good thing about the latter is that her hubby and kids seem to actually love her. The former? Iniwan na nga ng panganay (Tina Paner), iniwan pa ng bunso. Pattern, anyone?

Gah. I’m way too harsh.

So, here’s me being nice.

Lolit Solis, please stop spreading malicious rumors about Papa Piolo and Papa Sam. I know that you miss Gabby Concepcion, swapping envelopes and creating filmfest scams that’s why you’re constatnly amusing yourself with showbiz b.s. but please, talk shit about your Kapuso’s instead. Mas marami naman kasing mukhang bading sa bakod niyo eh.

Plus, you’re hurting Jovi. Kaya, Manay, shut the fuck up.

Here, I’ll be nice na talaga.

We’ve had a little bit of tampuhan, but from the very bottom of my heart, somewhere in my inferior vena cava or septum… I would like to wish Marco Fundales goodluck! May he have a kickass time inside the Pinoy Big Brother house.



Go, go, go, Mcoy! Mabuhay tayong mga virgins! 😛 I-kiss mo ako kay Will De Vaughn! Innocent kiss na may tongue!


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WORKstation and Parts of My Lair

I got this from Maru and Jovi. 🙂


I just want to share a part of my life to the unasking public. Heh heh.

My WORKstation, spot the things that come in two’s.

My study table, the framed things are my cross stitch projects

Authentic Russian dolls from an ex-bf. Dolls’ names are as follows: Tatjana, Nafsika, Katriana, Ivanna and Iya Jr :p

My awards from the Art Workshop and Cooking Competition. (‘Di galing Recto ‘yan.)

My art materials and sketchpads.

My books: Coelho, Frost, 7Habits, Frankl, Elliot, Rand, Eco, Sheldon, Austen, Shakespare, Alighieri, Hemingway, Bronte, Machiavelli, etc.

More books: Psych, Lit, Philo, Food, Art, Astrology…

And more books! And bags and dresses. 🙂


listening to: No Doubt – Don’t Speak

About G and the Mystery Man

J3 is wrong. Gio and I do have a potential to be friends. I refuse to believe that i could not be friends with any of my exes. I am sure 5 years is long enough to devote on suffering and 3 years is loooong overdue for whatmighthavebeens. Gio and I called it quits December 1998. So please, if I swallow my words and start crawling back to him, hit me with a rusting shovel or stab me with a picthfork!

Christmas 06

gio and I in eastwood

G and I spoke 2 nights ago agreed that we’d have dinner next week. Why? No reason. We’ll just have dinner. And drinks. (And drinks daw eh. Tomador, ampotah.) And for all those who do not believe that there is no reason, I’ll give you two. Une: we are human beings. We do eat dinner. Deux: We want to celebrate the fact that we’re both working in Makati.

After we sealed the dinner (and drinks) plans and talked about his recent trip to Singapore, I asked him what’s a nice gift to give an artistic guy. I implied in the onset that he is NOT the guy. He suggested that I give the guy a painting. Well, yeah, good idea, but I will only give a painting if I actually did the painting myself. I just feel nobody’s worth my effort to slave over watercolor, brushes and pastel again.

I told him i want something simple yet thoughtful, like completing the guy’s book collection.

To which he replied, “You must really like this guy.”

I didn’t answer him. Not that he asked.

If I had to answer, what could I have said?

“Yes, I really like him. More than I liked you.”
Ewww. Too pathetic. And not entirely true. How about…

“No. I give stuff to everybody I know.”
Well, yeah, pwede. Since I do like giving gifts, but this is the first time I’ve thought of completing a collection.

Oh, I know…

“Shut up. Chismoso.”

Perfect answer.

I think he even asked who the (lucky) guy is. I don’t remember if I said his name. But, I guess after almost a decade of knowing me, Gio already has an idea how I like my men complicated.

And how I perpetually like to torture myself.


listening to: Cquence – Falling in Love Again

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