About G and the Mystery Man

J3 is wrong. Gio and I do have a potential to be friends. I refuse to believe that i could not be friends with any of my exes. I am sure 5 years is long enough to devote on suffering and 3 years is loooong overdue for whatmighthavebeens. Gio and I called it quits December 1998. So please, if I swallow my words and start crawling back to him, hit me with a rusting shovel or stab me with a picthfork!

Christmas 06

gio and I in eastwood

G and I spoke 2 nights ago agreed that we’d have dinner next week. Why? No reason. We’ll just have dinner. And drinks. (And drinks daw eh. Tomador, ampotah.) And for all those who do not believe that there is no reason, I’ll give you two. Une: we are human beings. We do eat dinner. Deux: We want to celebrate the fact that we’re both working in Makati.

After we sealed the dinner (and drinks) plans and talked about his recent trip to Singapore, I asked him what’s a nice gift to give an artistic guy. I implied in the onset that he is NOT the guy. He suggested that I give the guy a painting. Well, yeah, good idea, but I will only give a painting if I actually did the painting myself. I just feel nobody’s worth my effort to slave over watercolor, brushes and pastel again.

I told him i want something simple yet thoughtful, like completing the guy’s book collection.

To which he replied, “You must really like this guy.”

I didn’t answer him. Not that he asked.

If I had to answer, what could I have said?

“Yes, I really like him. More than I liked you.”
Ewww. Too pathetic. And not entirely true. How about…

“No. I give stuff to everybody I know.”
Well, yeah, pwede. Since I do like giving gifts, but this is the first time I’ve thought of completing a collection.

Oh, I know…

“Shut up. Chismoso.”

Perfect answer.

I think he even asked who the (lucky) guy is. I don’t remember if I said his name. But, I guess after almost a decade of knowing me, Gio already has an idea how I like my men complicated.

And how I perpetually like to torture myself.


listening to: Cquence – Falling in Love Again

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  1. “….I like my men complicated. And how I perpetually like to torture myself.”

    Ako din! Tapos in the end I always go, “Why Jovi, why?” Di ko na mabilang kung ilang beses ko tinanong yan sa sarili ko…

    Huy! In fairview, fun i-befriend ang mga exes na yan… Basta ba matagal na kayong break… πŸ˜›

  2. hi jovi! i agree with you. masaya makipagfriends sa ex, pero maganda siguro yun sa mga exes na na walang “nagaganap” in between the break-up and friendship.

    bes: you dont just like your men complicated. you like situations complicated as well. hoy. pasimplehan mo nga buhay mo. ako, kelan mo kukumpletuhin ang pugad baboy collection ko? hahahaha! baka ako mangtorture sayo perpetually! with a shovel, a pitchfork and a BUTTERKNIFE!

    thanks for making me a wordpress account pala. mabuti namang may mukha na ako. hindi na ako anino something.

  3. JOVI: naman almost a decade na kami split. mejo natagalan lang siguro ako na i-absorb yung possibility ng friendship kasi malalim yung pain. (malalim daw o. haha.)

    at yang “why oh why?” na yan… may follow-up hirit yan eh, “ano ba naman yung isang beses pa?” hahaha.

    BES: well, mukha ka pa ring aninong maputi sa paningin ko. wala pa yung peechure mo na pagkapogi-pogi. or baka slow lang talaga pc ko. ewan. and excuse me. as far as i could remember, what happened between the break-up and friendship? eh di si raymond, enzo, at marvin. wag na natin isama yung iba. pampagulo lang yung mga yun. hmmm… come to think of it, tanggalin na rin natin si marvin. haha.

    shettt. nasindak ako sa butterknife. *faints*


  4. hi tenks for visiting my two jologs πŸ˜€ healthy naman yung maging friends ang mga exes e, ako nga kinuha pa akong ninang nung anak nung aking pers lab e, lintek, hehehe…

  5. magha-hi lang po hehehe cute guy, gorgeous woman. awww kakainggit πŸ˜€

  6. KENGKAY: aba, ninang pa ha! binibigyan mo naman ng regalo pag pasko? sana wag akong kuning ninang, dahil tatanggi ako!!!

    SELVO: dahil cute lang sya at ako gorgeous, you deserve a hug. *huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuug*

  7. j3

     /  October 21, 2007

    WHOA WHOA… wiat just a friggin second… i din’t say you and Gio in particular… what i meant was that it’s really hard for exs to be friends… anyway what up Gio… peace Iya keep rockin aaaaaaayyyyyyyttttt….

  8. LOL. sorry. that’s what i thought you implied. :p

    *hugs tres* kita tayo uli!

  9. STEW

     /  October 24, 2007

    Love can truly conquer everything, but then kung litong-lito ka na, you can always watch/listen to the orig. woodstock with a bong para straight ka…..oo nga pala ur not into the flower power thing.

  10. ano ka. gusto ko ng flower power hippie peace love and rock and roll ha! hmpf.

  11. Pareho kami ni kengkay, kinuha rin akong ninong nung first gf ko, kakatuwa nga kasi nung nasa reception na kami, ako pa rin pinapakilala sa mga bisita niya na kumpare niyang pers lab daw niya! Gusto ko tuloy matunaw sa hiya dun sa mga bisita at sa asawa niya.

  12. hahaha. how sweet. hahahaha.siguro gagawen ko ren yun pag ininvite ko si ex sa binyag ng anak ko, para himatayin sya sa hiya. that is kung makakaladkad ko syang mag-attend. mwehehehe.


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