Daisy, Kean, Lolit, Mcoy

While everyone’s still blogging about the Glorietta 2 bombing, here I am choosing to keep things light.

Lemme talk about the Quantum Physics and its connection with the Austrian economy. Light, di’ba?

Uluuuuuul. Haha.

Aryt, lemme talk about showbiz, as inspired by The Buzz.

Daisy Romualdez is accusing Callalily vocalist, Kean Cipriano of hiding her adopted daughter, Danita.



Naman. Look at that face. Is that the face of a criminal? Damn you. Look at him. Not me. Sa paningin ko, mukha s’yang batang munti na walang gagawing masama. pero sana magsuklay s’ya paminsan-minsan.

Even if he’s guilty, wouldn’t you want that rocker boy to abduct you? Tapos tadjakan mo sa balls ‘pag kidnap lang ang ginawa and walang rape. Haha.

I’m just playing. I don’t like Kean in that way. I’ve met the guy, hung out with him and his band. I personally think he’s a bit weird, but nice and well-mannered nonetheless.

Danita… I don’t have an opinion about her. She’s… blah.

Daisy Romualdez. Hmmm… Daisy, Daisy, Daisy. If I had a mother like her, maglalayas rin ako. She’s an even bigger virago than Annabelle Rama. Good thing about the latter is that her hubby and kids seem to actually love her. The former? Iniwan na nga ng panganay (Tina Paner), iniwan pa ng bunso. Pattern, anyone?

Gah. I’m way too harsh.

So, here’s me being nice.

Lolit Solis, please stop spreading malicious rumors about Papa Piolo and Papa Sam. I know that you miss Gabby Concepcion, swapping envelopes and creating filmfest scams that’s why you’re constatnly amusing yourself with showbiz b.s. but please, talk shit about your Kapuso’s instead. Mas marami naman kasing mukhang bading sa bakod niyo eh.

Plus, you’re hurting Jovi. Kaya, Manay, shut the fuck up.

Here, I’ll be nice na talaga.

We’ve had a little bit of tampuhan, but from the very bottom of my heart, somewhere in my inferior vena cava or septum… I would like to wish Marco Fundales goodluck! May he have a kickass time inside the Pinoy Big Brother house.



Go, go, go, Mcoy! Mabuhay tayong mga virgins! 😛 I-kiss mo ako kay Will De Vaughn! Innocent kiss na may tongue!


listening to: Callalily – Stars

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