This Weekend

I’m going home to Bataan tomorrow night because it’s my godson’s 1st birthday this Saturday and my soon-to-be goddaughter’s christening on Sunday. Aside from the two-day celebration that I need to attend, I need to see my relatives that I have not seen for months. I can’t wait for us to go to the beach and drink until Haring Araw says hi. I wish that it would shower a little for more senti effect. Take note, shower lang- hindi bagyo. I’m going to work on Monday and I don’t wanna get stranded in Region 3.

Going back, yeah, I want it to rain a bit while we’re on the beach drinking a few bottles Red Horse. The 2nd to the last time I was there, Ate Bec was agonizing over her infatuation with RM and her insecurities about stuff related to that lucky bastard. So this weekend’s my turn to agonize. Needless to say, there’s a lucky (!) bastard (?) involved (?!@#!!) and a string of my personal inadequacies.

I’m going to write a different name on the shore right after I shed tears. A different name will be washed away by the waves of Morong.

Arrrrgh. Told ya. I plan to get all senti. Ewww.

Un-senti stuff I need to do while I’m in the province:
1. Eat my favorite Vietnamese soup, Hiu Tieu. (Morong used to be a Vietnamese regufee site.)
2. Take loads of pictures, so that I can make parayaw to my cousins in Cali.
3. Play with my little cousins, nieces, and nephews. Lahat ng magulo, hindi ko ililibre ng Hiu Tieu.
4. Bond with my favorite aunts. (Sorry, dear uncles. Yosi na lang tayo.)
5. Tumaya sa jueteng. Hmmmm… 2 14? 20 28? 😀
6. Try to go to Matikis Island. (Yeaaaah right.)
7. Ride a carabao. (Pa-experience. One time lang.)
8. Go to Subic.
9. Buy roasted casuy.
10. Get very cheap mani-pedi…
11. While getting inexpensive haircut. :p


listening to: Bandila (ABS-CBN)

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