A boy won’t want a toy unless other boys want to play with it.


Nuff said.


listening to: Lil Flip feat Lea – Sunshine

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  1. harry

     /  November 14, 2007

    if you’re the toy, you’re the toy that’s not supposed to be shared.

    that boy’s supposed to take really good care of you.


  2. luckydee

     /  November 14, 2007

    hangover ba ito ng usapan natin kagabi?

    pag-untugin ko yang mga exes mo eh.

  3. HARRY: that’s sweet. anyhoodles, i’m not the toy. errrr i’m not a toy. haha. sa YM na nga lang.

    BES: haha! yeah brimming cup! :p please, pag-untugin yung 2. para matauhan. :p


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