Better Late Than Never Realization and Porch

After several days of thinking real hard, I finally admitted to myself that if there’s someone being unfair to me the most, it’s myself. For someone who’s fond of thinking out of the box and has an affinity to break norms, I allowed myself to be put in a sappy, little box for the past months. Why? Nevermind. I’m saving the reason for a damn long entry.

There are still a lot of things that I can’t change now, because I am not yet ready to change them. And maybe because, I can’t change them on my own. I should just be happy now that I am somehow out of my sappy, little box.

Not far away from it. Just out.



I was supposed to go to Greenbelt last night with my colleagues, but I didn’t want to watch One More Chance. (Hug kita ‘pag mahulaan mo kung bakit.) Beowulf na lang! And because none of them wanted to watch it with me, I went to Porch with Joel instead.

Jay followed to give me this Rasta Doll he bought from Bora. I still can’t decide what name to give the doll. Hmmm… Marley? Dopey? Aha. Alam ko na. ‘Yung name na lang ‘nung shark sa… Haha. ‘Wag na. :p (Jay, if you’re reading this, thanks sa pasalubong. That’s sweet of you. For that, one week kita hindi aasarin sa age gap natin. Hahaha!)

The two boys talked about boy stuff. (Duhhhh!) Basketball, Alvin Aguilar stuff and gout. Gout? Mwahaha! Ok, ok. Imma shut up now. Oh alright, they taked about man stuff as well. Work, work, work. Without the whining. (Which I missed somehow. Bleh.)

Wala ng saysay itong part na ito ng entry ko. Point is, I had fun last night. It was my much needed breather. I need more nights like it, don’t you think? 🙂


Joel texting Tart. (Awww how sweet. Naiinggit ako. Penge nga ng lubid!)


namumula sa blush-on at namumula from Bora


the giver and the gift


vanity over safe driving


listening to:  U2 – With or Without You

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  1. luckydee

     /  November 18, 2007

    bakit wala tayong picture sa porch the other night? 😦

    itapon mo na yung BOX na yun.

  2. dude, buti ka nga may work!

    haha, name the rasta doll, high.

    mahirap talga dude when you box yourself in, weh, i’ve felt that many times, haha, parang ngayon.
    weh!!! sunday is fun day.

    no more social life, dull joko.

  3. jeez, i meant buti ka nga may social life.
    ako puro work. weh, my words are getting jumbled in my head, like the names of all the Arabos i need to know. weh to the weh.

  4. BES: i didnt get to bring the digicam that night. grabe naman… itapon?!? :S ayaw…

    JOKO: i decided to name him marley high. :p baket madaming arabo? clients?


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