One Month Flat

My dearest friends, colleagues, co-bloggers, lover(s), relatives and stalkers, you have exactly one month to get a birthday gift for me. :p

Hala, sige. Mag-impok na para may pambili!

Here’s a list of the things I want and expect to get.

01 Poetry
Write something for me. Unleash your creative pambobola.

02 Flowers
Except red roses please. Potted flowers are welcome. ‘Pag pangit, ibabato ko sa ulo mo ‘yung paso.

03 A turquoise two-piece swimsuit
Or hotpink. Or sunshine yellow.

04 Original Good Girl Gone Bad album
Yeah. The one by Rihanna. I have a big lesbian crush on her. Not.

05 The World’s Greatest Salesman or 48 Laws of Power
Damn the asshole who stole my books.

06 All expense paid B&B
Preferably here. Haha. Ilusyonada.

07 Harana
I’m not talking about the song of Parokya ni Edgar!

08 Victoria’s Secret Blossoming Romance
This smells yummy.

09 A Boo Doll
Boo – that cute kid in Monsters Inc.

10 Gigantic poster of Justin Timberlake
Or better yet, give JT to me. Blindfolded. LOL.

11 The Godfather Trilogy DVD
And watch it with me.

12 A date
Friendly dates are welcome. 🙂

13 Compilation of my favorite 90’s dance hits
Don’t forget Dying Inside by Timmy Thomas! Hahaha!

14 Dinner in Sophie’s Garden
Complete with dress-up.

15 Tequila
Dangerous, but well…

16 A BIG bag.
Camel or ecru would be nice.

17 Enchanted Kingdom Tickets!
Let’s go! Pwera sa Space Shuttle!

18 Vacation Leave
Ahem, ahem… calling my Sup!

19 BTS with 26 candles
Better Than Sex from Gayuma

20 A locket
With my picture. Haha. Or yours?

21 Pillowcases
Star and Moon design

22 Red stilettos
Size 9. Yeah, yeah. I have big feet.

23 An ADMU jacket
Don’t ask. Basta, I want one.

24 “UP ako. Eh Ikaw?” shirt
Please check the University Mall.

Just to emphasize. Hehe. I don’t think you understood the first time.

I trust that you can think of something nice to do and make me happy.

Please make me happy.



listening to: Moony – Flying Away

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  1. JOHN

     /  November 20, 2007

    12! 🙂

    and 26. 🙂

  2. 09 A Boo Doll
    Boo – that cute kid in Monsters Inc.

    waaaaahhh.. tagal mo na gusto nito ah? wala pa din nagbibigay? =(

  3. #5, ay like ko din si og mandino.

    ayoss ang wishlist…medyo demanding pero cute. hehehe. like ko lahat yan!

  4. JOHN: are you sure you still have what it takes to surprise me? haha. bring it on. kunchabahin mo sila. bigay nyo sakin 07. hahaha.

    RON: wala! kahit ako hindi ko alam san makakahanap ng doll na boo! may friend ako binigyan nya ako ng shorts na may characters ng monsters inc. pampalubag loob ko daw. hehe.

    CHUVA: may nagnakaw ng the world’s greatest salesman ko! waaaaaah! haha demanding ba? kelangan eh. pag hindi ako nagdedemand parang walang nangyayari. hug at kiss lang natatanggap ko. haha.

  5. luckydee

     /  November 21, 2007

    sa 26 ako!

    which gift do you want to get the most?

  6. WAHEHEHEHE! sige, i promise maghahanap ako for you! =)

  7. ibigay mo muna ung gift mo sakin! wehehehe! =))

  8. BES: the gift i like the most is not included in this list. 🙂 i think you already know what it is. something i’ve been trying to get since 2003. haha.

    RON: yahoo! sana meron!

    INEZ: haha. dami ko ng utang na gifts. sorry na. nagdry up na creative juices ko. :p or na-suck ng ibang tao. wtf? hahahaha!

  9. kengkay

     /  November 22, 2007

    super subtle naman nitong list mo, hehehe…. used to have a collection of og mandino books. na arbor nung umalis ako sa pinas… pag uwi ko dyan sa pinas, tequila tayo ;D

  10. ampotah. na-suck ng ibang tao??? parang may idea ako kung sino yang “ibang” tao na yan. hahaha!

    labo natin =))

  11. Paolo

     /  November 24, 2007

    12! 🙂

  12. kengkay: tequila? sure! abangan ko yan!

    inez: weh? ang labo nga natin! *innocent look*

    paolo: diba pwede 10? hehehehe

  13. carla & joko

     /  December 13, 2007

    16 A BIG bag.

    pwedeng small bag? but a cute one! hahaha!

  14. kahit ano! basta ba mapagkasya nyo si justin timberlake sa loob. ahihihihhiihhihii. :p

  15. 12 A date
    Friendly dates are welcome.

    sayang, nakalipas na ata ito. san tayo meet? ^_^

  16. haha tara! i linked you pala ha.

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