And The Sun Entered Sagittarius

Get off the couch, get out of your neighborhood and spice up your life with this exciting transit that begins as the Sun enters Sagittarius on November 22! But be prepared for last-minute changes when, two days later, independent Uranus turns direct during a full Moon in Gemini. Expect the unexpected should be your motto with this one. Speaking the truth will be important. Just make sure you think twice before you do.

This explains a lot of things. That’s why those things happened last Thursday! As if this horoscope shite is accurate. It can’t be. Because I’m a cusp! I need to check what the stars say about Capricorn as well. :p

Haha. Seryosohin daw ba?

What a draining week. New sched, calibs and meetings, manual reports, missing people, missing things, missing situations, hang-ups, let-downs… vague answers, new questions.

Thank God for these tried and tested things that never fail to make me smile. Oh and for new and fresh things that I didn’t know could make me reconsider…

cheques and cash * Ruff Endz – If I Was The One * PBB and Victor Basa

my soulmate slash eternal curse

with my soulmate slash eternal curse

finding long-lost friends in the office * seeing bros from LSS

free booze …and what tastes better than free beer

yosibreaks with Patrick, Anthony, and Ryan * an applicant having a crush on me hahaha * telebabad with friends I don’t see often


the indirect taste of orange strepsils

Porch BF * places where people can drink and talk

knowing one’s place * knowing where to go


being asked how you are * asking someone how he is

Filinvest exit * Greentea Frappe * making plans

remembering stuff you did under the influence of alcohol… wanting to do the same stuff when sober


sleeping in the shuttle * listening to The Ramones

sticking it out for the favorite mistake

hugs! hugs! hugs! * wishlist 🙂


tearless nights * subsob trabaho style of forgetting

Peter and Bogart * SKT * Baby Spice

saving up for a special gift * believing a beautiful lie


About the pictures:

Taken @ Porch last thursday night. Top to Bottom: [1] Donne and Me. Sasayaw ba kami? [2] With sick Sandro. Not sick in the head. Sick talaga daw siya that night. Hehe. [3] Jacinto, Sisa (?) and Andres [4] Donne and Jay [5] JA and DA. :p


listening to: Cranberries – Linger

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  1. Ramones! I love! “The KKK took my baby away…They took her away, away from me…”

  2. Paolo

     /  November 24, 2007

    you look like bea alonzo in the 2nd picture. must be the smile. your guy is pretty lucky! but your cousin told me…

    is porch the one near sinangag express?

  3. luckydee

     /  November 24, 2007

    bea alonzo?

    lagot ka. gusto nya si maja!

    pero bes, diba na-link ka na kay john lloyd? nung ikaw pa si ciara? ahahahaha.

    anong peter and bogart? walang bogart!!!!

    yes naman. SKT. oh the drama!

    ano yung special gift mo sa akin?

    awwwwwww…. knowing one’s place… ang place natin eh sa mount olympus. lam mo na kung baket.

  4. Anonymous

     /  November 25, 2007

    im confused. arent you the gf of marc?

  5. TE JOVI: happy music ko ang the ramones. kahit na hindi happy yung ibang songs. haha.


    PAOLO: bea alonzo?!?!?!?? errrr. yeah right. haha. yes. my guy is pretty lucky, doncha think? the question is, does he exist? haha. it depends on what my cousin told you. another questioon is, do you believe her? :p

    yep. porch is right beside SEx. You’ll see Belgua first, though.


    BES: well, gusto ko maging kamukha si maja, why not. aside from that, wala na. punyeta, pahinga muna sa drama. haha.

    ayyy shucks. si john lloyd! aalis na si nico hindi ko pa nakikita uli! samahan mo ko!

    may bogart!!!

    haha SKT. fucken a. i need justice! and an extension!

    special gift ko sayo? what made you think na ikaw ang bibigyan ko ng ispesyal na regalo? si jap ibibigay ko sayo nasa loob ng cake!

    yeah… knowing one’s place. right on mount olympus. :p


    ANONYMOUS: i have never had a bf named marc. if you’re talking about the band guy, we used to be friends. 🙂 more than a year has elapsed. wag na po gawan ng issue. 🙂

  6. Anonymous: she USED to be marc’s gf! =))

    Bt, she doesn’t have an ex named marc. Wehehehehehe! 😉

    Iyayow, huwag mo akong patayin dahil sa pagssabi ng totoo. =))

    Anonymous, anong pangalan mo? Wehehehe! =P

  7. anonymous, dont mind inez. kakalabas lang nyan ng rehab. well, actually… tumakas. pumipitik pa utak nyan.

    ang ex ko pangalan justin timberlake. :p

  8. bakit tumabi ka lang kay j.a. nagmukha ka ng mabait? *blechhhhhhhh*

    what tastes better than free beer? free coffee!!!!!!


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