Putting things off is waaaay better than complaining about things in front of you. Well, at least for now because I just can’t deal with them yet! Booya for procrastinating madness!

Tomorrow is another day. Another year!

2007 is going buh-bye and some things should go buh-bye as well.


Where did you begin the year 2007? At home with my parents. I wanted a quiet start of the year with lots of introspection and left-over Media Noche goodies. I answered a year ender survey just like this.

What was your status by Valentines Day? Singular. What’s new?

Were you in school anytime this year? I visited UP twice this year I think. I should go to UP more often this 2008. Hello? I have thesis left. And double hello? I miss the isaw in Ylang!

Did you have to go to the hospital? Yes. Severe Community-Acquired Pneumonia was a bitch!

Did you gain or lose weight? Both, like a normal person. I was 125lbs when the year started. Midyear, I was 110lbs. Now, I’m 119lbs. Just the way I likey.

What food did you get to eat the most? Holy cow bakulaw! Where do I even start? Arrrrgggghh… Pizza, sushi, hotdogs, shawarma, twister fries, fried chicken, sinigang na baboy, cheesecake, salpicao, crispy pata…

What alcoholic beverage did you get to drink the most? Strong Ice and Tequila… and Rhea Rubbing Alcohol. Mwahahah!

What was the best thing someone ever did for you this year? I can’t single out anything. Basta someone really made me feel special through a series of surreal events.

What movie was your favorite this year? I didn’t get to watch a lot of movies. Olats. I still even haven’t seen Beowulf, Enchanted, and errrr… Titanic. Haha! Good thing there’s cable.

Ever been a fight this year? No. I don’t like fighting kaya.Hmpf.

Did you have any encounters with the police? No. The only police kwento I know involved one of my workfriends, Mary Jane and the Rockwell Police. :))



Where did you go for vacation? I went to Bataan twice. First, to meet up with my cousins from Cali. Second, to attend my pamangkin’s christening. Both short vacays were fun, but I’m still a tad disappointed that I didn’t even have time to go beachhopping with friends. Oh, I have high hopes for 2008!

What did you purchase that was over 100 dollars? Dill, my baby! My digicam!

Did you know anybody who got married? Yeah. Ate Ching, Mary Anne, Kuya Relly… all three are my cousins. I don’t remember anyone from my barkada tying the knot this year.

Anybody who passed away? My mentor, Dr. Robinson Soria did. 😦

Attend any sporting events? None! Not as a player. Not even as an spectator.

What concerts or shows did you go to? A couple of Orange and Lemons and Six Cycle Mind gigs. I heart 70’s Bistro!

Describe your birthday: It was a night of many firsts. :p

You favorite moment(s): I have waaaaaaay too many. 1st quarter: teaching in Informatics was my opium. My students rock! 2nd quarter: gigs, gigs, beer, gigs and more beer. 3rd quarter…. holyshit. I have nothing for this q. I hated this period. 4th quarter: getting new work, starting a new career, dating, hanging out with friends almost every day…

New additions to your family: Yes. Thank God not from me. :p

What was your best month? September was like Spring to me. 🙂

Favorite night out? Foodtrip mania with Ate Dons, Donnie, and Jap, 70’s bistro gigs with ONL and 6CM with my ILTD lovelies and cousins, nights out with Sandro


Made any new friends? No way. I’m waaay too snobby. Haha jk.. I have, and they’re awesome. Well, they have to be, I’m super selective about who I kick it with. (You’re right, Emcee.)


Other than home, where did you spend most of you time? The drinking strip of BF Homes :p

How old did you turn this year? 26 years young. Too young to care, old enough to know better! (Well, that’s the ideal.)

Do you have a New Year’s Resolution? Yes, a few. I have to re-evaluate my standards about a lot of things.

Have you had any regrets? None. Everything that happened this year was inevitable and vital.

Done anything embarrassing? Yeah, but I just laugh about it now. It’s not like it was the first time I got drunk in front of a lot of people. Galera’s still the shit.

Gotten married/divorced? Hell no.

Have you watched American Idol? Blake Lewis is love.

Have you gotten sick? Sick in the head since birth.

What’s a song that best describes you during the beginning of the year? Wilson Philipps – Hold On / Twista feat Faith Evans – Hope / Sheryl Crow -All I Wanna Do / ONL – Let Me

And by the end of the year? Natasha Bedingfield – Unwritten / Wilson Philips – Impulsive / Rihanna – Don’t Stop the Music / Sergio Mendes – What Do We Mean To Each Other

If you could give your life to get anything back, what would it be? Nothing worth all that trouble.


Wow. I’m tired now. I’m off to Donnie’s!



listening to: Nicole Scherzinger : Baby Love

Bagong taon ay magbagong buhay…

My friend and I found this sign in front of one of the motels in the metro.


Haha. Killer!

This is a clear message na dapat ng itigil ang putukan ngayong bagong taon.

Happy wholesome new year, everyone!


listening to: Dashboard Confessional – (last part of) Stolen


Before I deal with my newfound evil side, I’d answer these interesting q’s from Te Jovi first.

Yayness for incubation period!


Remove 1 question from below, and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged. Whoever does the tag will have blessings from all.

20 Questions Meme

1.) What was your definition of love 10 years ago? Has it changed over time?
* I already looked at love based on Corinthians 13 when I was 16. My take on love is pretty much the same, just that it’s now infused with Dr. Robert Sternberg’s Triarchic Model. The commitment + intimacy + passion theory.

2.) What color do you like most?
* Green. Because the heart is blue and the mind is green. Haha.

3.) If you have the chance, what would you probably say to your beloved one?
* Come on and take the rest of me. :p BWAHAHAHAHA

4.) Where is the place that you want to go to the most?
* I wanna wanna wanna wanna go to the beach right now, but I have to earn another VL.

5.) Which part of you that you hate the most?
* My overanalytical ways.

6.) When you encounter a sad moment, what would you do?
* Introspection plays a big part in my life. Sometimes too big that it leads me to my answer in numero cinco.

7.) What are you afraid to lose the most?
* My life. I’m deathly afraid of death. I’m so afraid of it, it made my sentence construction so bad.

8.) If you win $1 million, what would you do?
* Faint? Then buy a house for my parents as soon as regain consciousness. I’d prolly invest on a food biz and real estate, too.

9.) If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
* This question is mocking me. Errr… prolly a time too late.

10.) List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
* Intelligent, sassy, opinionated

11.) What are your requirements from your other half ?
* Trusting and trustworthy, demanding and giving and MUST BE TALL.

12.) Till now, what is the moment that you regret the most?
* I have what-might-have-beens but I can’t think of something that I have regret-worthy.

13.) Which type of person do you hate the most?
* Promise-breakers

14.) What is your ambition?
* Pass…

15.) What is the thing that will make you think he/she is bad?
* Read my answer in no. 13.

16.) What is it that people don’t know about you?
* The reason why my status is forever “It’s Complicated”.

17.) So far, have you had a life-changing moment? What was it?
* When I went back to college after a year of bumming. Oh the drama.

18.) Name one of your body part your significant other tells you he/she adores.
* Hard to choose just one. Haha. It’s something that no one would believe he adores. :p

19.) It would be 2008 in a few days, do you have a new year’s resolution?
* A few. I need a separate post for it.

20.) If your better half cheats on you, will you forgive him/her?
* I’m forgiving, yes. Forgetful? Hell no.


I’m tagging anyone whose name starts with a consonant. :p


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Someone reminded me that I should bring back the child in me so that I’d feel the yuletide excitement again. So I did.

Mmmm-hmmmm… family, friends, ice cream, carols, gifts and a whole lot of attention.  🙂

Amazing. I was un-scrooged! This Christmas is drama-free and happy. 😀

cimg69312.jpg cimg69472.jpg

cimg69542.jpg cimg69523.jpg cimg7005.jpg cimg6982.jpg

 cimg7028.jpg cimg6962.jpg

Too bad I hafta go to work tomorrow. Hehe.

Merry Christmas to all!


listening to: Mariah carey – All I Want for Christmas  


Sorry. That’s all I can say to those I hurt last Wednesday. Donnie told me last night that I hurt and disappointed several of our friends in my birthday celeb. They thought how I was that night was very unlike me, that I didn’t act like a 26 year old.

Hmmm… but what really is like me?

And how in hell should a 26 year old act?

I feel bad that I didn’t get a nod from some of the dearest people in my life. I can’t really blame them. Like I said, it was the first time I got drunk in my very own party. I guess it was also the first time they ever saw me go “hysterical over a guy”.

I feel worse that some of them judged me quickly. They should have known better that I’m not the type who would pull off a drama just to get what I want. They should have known better that something was killing me then and it was not only about a guy.

Gawd. I didn’t tell them what was eating me up because I wanted them to enjoy the party and not worry about me. Needless to say, my brilliant plan backfired.

For the first time in so maaaany years, I disppointed them. I didn’t disappoint them when I almost quit school. Nor when I went out with the biggest bastard of Beda. And now this is what I hear–

“You’re better off falling for the bad guys.”

Since when’s being attracted to a good guy considered disappointing? When did being assertive become a disgrace? And what is the issue if the good guy is not attainable when almost everybody’s expecting me to stay away from him? And so what if I’m a big flirt and I make the first move? It’s not like I’m off having crazy sex with some random dude.

What really is like me?

Can’t I have my weak moments? Can’t I be horny as some of you once in a blue moon? Can’t I be a major bratinella drama queen at least once in my life?

How should a 26 year old act?

I’ve been acting older than most of you for as long as I can remember. And I love taking care of you guys, but can you at least remember that in reality, I am the youngest? Can’t you baby me in the sporadic moments that I break down without complaining that I’m being such a pain?

Sorry, guys. I didn’t think about the possible repercussions of my actions. I promise to be drama free and happy on my next birthday bash. I even promise not to drink anything but water when I turn 27. I’ll give you the Iya that you want.

I’ll give you the strong, unfazed, won’t-take-shit-from-anyone me back.

Remember, what happened that night was my fault. Stop putting the blame on someone else, unless you want me to pull off another hysteria stunt.


listening to: SmashingPumpkins – Tonight, Tonight



I don’t even know where and how to begin my kwento about my 26th birthday, but I guess that line pretty much sums it up. It’s indescribable. There were fun, annoying, frustrating, heart-warming, mind-boggling moments that could not really illustrate the totality of the night. It was confuzzling, I tell you. I’m sure I’m never going to forget it.

Malamang! Eh first time ako nalasing na birthday ko! Woohoo! Kharma after 10 years of partying!

Traffic was a bitch. Around 8 guests failed to arrive because of it. Even I was late for my self-imposed schedule.

Anyhoodles, I’m glad most of the people that matter to me were there.


Did I get my wish?

Yep. I got what I wished for.

Ateneo jacket?

No. I don’t even want it anymore. I realized I only wanted to have one just because of memories. Mga memories na dapat ng ilibing. Sa hardcourt?



Yes. I was given flowers. Roses, daisies and those yellow lovelies. More than a dozen pa. Haba naman ng hair ng lola mo. I was thinking nobody would really take me seriously in my obsession with flowers. Wheee. May nauto ako. Haha. Joke.

Pero I’m not talking about the flowers.

So, si Justin Timberlake?

Hindi rin. FYI, hindi naman talaga ako patay na patay kay JT. Ewan ko ba why I keep on broadcasting my eternal lovelust for him, eh bullshit naman. So there. Hindi si Justin.


Bingo! I got the clarity I prayed for. I woke up (with a blasted hangover) at 4pm knowing who are the people who really care about me and would really go the extra mile to make me happy. It is true that people and things come to your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Once you uncover the reason, you’d know what to do. I think I know what to do now.

Forward? Yeah. Forward. 🙂



Haha. Eto na naman ako, 26 na, ang labo pa rin magkwento. :p Basta. I threw a birthday salubong, we drank, we reminisced good old college mems, I threw a bitch fit, I did some things I shouldn’t have done (yata), I got drunk, I whined, I threw up and then, 12 hours akong tulog.


Thanks to all those who remembered me on my special day. 🙂

And to those who forgot… I have two words for you…



listening to: Natasha Bedingfield – Unwritten

Birthday Blues

My wish could not be bought. It could not be borrowed. And I’m sure as hell it could not be forced.

I’m just not sure if I deserve it or if it will do me right. But I really, really, really want it. 😦

So I’m asking God for clarity instead of this biggest desire of my heart, because I guess it’s better to ask for something that will go a looooong way.

God, please give me clarity for my birthday.

And love. In whatever form.


listening to: One Republic – Apologize


Ito ang gabi ng sabay-sabay.



Sabay naghalo ang init ng ulo ko at pag-aalaala kay Kapatid na Joel nung hinihintay ko siya sa Tides para uminom. Usapan naman kasi alas-9. Aba, perfect! Dumating ng 10:00!

Nung panahong hinihintay ko siya, pinagsabay-sabay ko rin kinain ang grilled frankfurter, nachos at sizzling mushrooms. Pathetic ng konti, kasi mag-isa ako. ‘Yung babae nga sa kabilang table, parang gusto sabihin sa akin na, “Miss, kawawa ka naman mag-isa ka dyan. Wala siguro gusto sumama sa iyo, kasi ang takaw mo!” Hehe.

Pinagsabay ko rin ang Sunrise at Blue Crush. May tequila ang Sunrise. May vodka ang Blue Crush. Eh sira talaga ang ulo ko, kasi alam ko namang magkaka-amats ako ‘pag pinagsama ko ‘yung mga ‘yun.

May sumipang konting amats sa akin sa pakikipagchikahan kay Joel. Ayos naman kasi mas masaya magkwentuhan ‘pag may tama na.

Tapos, nagtext sa akin si Howie. Punta daw sila ng Porch. Sama daw ako. Eh ayoko pumunta dun dahil kasama ko si Joel. Steady na ako sa Tides. So sabi niya, sila na lang daw ni Ed ang punta sa Tides.

Hindi ko naman pag-aari ang Tides, kaya kung gusto nila pumunta eh hindi ko sila mapipigilan di’ba?

Kaya ayun. Sabay dumating si Ed at Howie. Ok na sana eh. Tamang kulit kasi si Ed. Nagpaplano pa kami nung paano gantihan ‘yung tumarantadong asshole sa kaibigan ko. Kaso lang, si Howie umasshole rin.

Paano? Bakit? Pinagdiskitahan na boyfriend ko daw si Joel. Eh hello? Kapatid ko ‘yun. At ano naman ngayon kung kasama ko boyfriend ko? At ano rin ngayon kung wala akong boyfriend? At ano rin ngayon kung ang status (ng utak) ko eh nasa gitna nung dalawang nauna?

At dahil na-establish na hindi ko bf si Joel. Pagdating ni Sandro, siya ang pinagdiskitahan.

Nung sinabi ni Joel na, “Nandito na si Sandro!” halong disbelief at joy ang naramdaman ko. Eh kasi naman, kala ko binubullshit lang ako ni Joel na baka sumunod siya. At sabi ko rin, ‘wag na pasunurin kasi baka bumulagta pa ‘yun sa pagod. Mahirap magbuhat.

Ayun. Ok na sana eh. Gusto ko sana magcatch-up, magpacute, maglambing, mang-asar, magwhatev, but noooooo… may epal sa tabi-tabi. Ang nakakainis pa dun, hindi ko in-expect na asshole si Howie. Kaya mas nakakabwiset. Sinabihan ko pa siya na wag ng humirit dahil magulo na nga. Wag ng dumagdag. Pero nagtatatalak pa rin siya dun. Nanadya pa rin.

So sa tingin ko naman, deserving siya na pinagdududuro at pinagmumumura ko siya doon. Pero slight lang. Baka ma-ban pa ako ng Tides, mahirap maghanap ng panibagong venue para sa birthday ko. Hehe.

Ah basta. Hindi ko alam kung bitter siya o confused. Or baka both.

So after mag-init ang ulo ko, keri na rin kasi napalamig naman ni Joel, Sandro and Ed. Haha so ‘yun nga. Si Howie lang talaga ang salarin.

Uwian time na at sumabay kami ni Joel kay Sandro. Na-prove ni Joel kung gaano siya ka-supportive na friend. Na-prove ko rin na smart talaga si Mr.Lopa at pagdating sa kanya, nagkakaron ako ng episodes ng kabobohan.

Pero binibintang ko pa rin ang mga nasabi kong hindi dapat sa pagsasabay ko ng tequila at vodka.


Sinabay kong i-blog ito habang nagko-callouts.

Sino nagsabi na hindi ako champion multitasker?

Haha. Ako pala.


listening to: J Holiday – Bed

Birthday Salubong

So, today is Dec 11. Walong tulog na lang bago ang salubong sa aking kaarawan! In English, eight sleeps only before running over my birthday! Bwahaha! Napakalabong translation. Dinaig pa ang “Be aware of dog” sign na nakita ko dito sa Makati. Anyhoodles, I’ve decided to celebrate my 26th birthday in a tad different way. First time na salubong. Dati kasi, batas ng buhay ko na mismong birthday ko dapat magcelebrate. Ngayon, dahil dapat mag-adjust sa sched ng guests at para maiba naman ng konti, pumatol na ako sa ideya na magkaron ng Birthday Salubong.

Heto ang mga detalye:

Iya’s 26th Birthday Salubong Painom
December 19, 2007, 9:00 pm
Pizza Niro – Tides, Phase 3, BF Homes, Paranaque
We’re gonna have fun! >:p

The breakdown:

December 19, kasi nga birthday salubong. To be more specific, hanggang 3am ng December 20. Shempre naman, hihintayin na mag12 midnight para makantahan ako ng Happy Birthday To You. Sana ‘wag kalimutan ni Jap na magdala ng cake na may candles dahil wala akong balak na flame lang ng lighter ang hipan ko pagpatak ng alas-dose.

9:00 pm. O ayan. After dinner na ‘yan. Meaning, kumain na ng hapunan dahil wala ako balak gumastos ng limpak-limpak. Magpapa-inom lang ako. Don’t worry. Ako rin ang sagot sa pica-pica. Masarap ang nachos dun at sisig. Hindi naman bakal ang puso ko. Kung makita ko man ang guest ko na tumitirik na ang mata sa gutom, io-order ko naman ng Rice Toppings. Masarap ang chicken teriyaki sa Tides. Pero para makaiwas na sa pagtirik ng mata at pagbulagta sa sahig, kumain na sa bahay ng hapunan. Okay? Okay.

Tides, BF Homes. Malamang kasi taga-South ako, di’ba? Sana ‘wag magfeeling ‘yung isa kong ex na magcelebrate ako sa Manila. Ano naman ang bearing pa niya sa buhay ko para doon ako magparty? Ang kapal talaga. For the 3rd time, iniinvite na naman niya ang sarili niya sa birthday ko. At gusto pa bitbitin ang buong tropa niya. Arrrrgh. The nerve!!!

We’re gonna have fun? Aba natural. Kelan ba naman ako naging boring kasama? (Yessss… the nerve ko rin! Hehe) Isali pa ang isang dosena at kalahati kong mga sira-ulong mga kabarkada. Mejo magiging mini-reunion rin ito ng college friends ko. Pero okay lang ‘yun. Come one, come all. The more, the manier. Fun, friendly people naman kami. Di naman kami nangangagat… lagi.

Pinagpaplanuhan na rin namin ni Bestfriend Donnie ang games. Oo. Gusto ko ng games. Motto ko nga in life eh “To play safe is to not play at all. Let’s play!” So far, ang naisip pa lang namin eh ‘tong mga ‘to:

* Habulang Gahasa sa Sucat Road
* Patintero sa Aguirre Ave na naka-blindfold
* Pin the Tail On the Donne at
* Patayin sa Sindak Si Iya, Ang Pagbabalik.

Don’t worry. I play fair. 😉

At shempre may prizes. Secret muna kung ano ‘yung mga ‘yun. Sali kayo para malaman niyo. :p Walang kasamang house and lot. Trip to Jerusalem for two lang. Bigyan ko kayo ng mga silya na iikutan.

Hayayay! I’m super excited! Kulang na lang eh magjaja-jumping jacks ako sa gitna ng EDSA sa tuwa.

Kung matagal mo na akong kilala, or kung kilala mo na talaga ako ng mabuti, malalaman mo kung gaano ka-bigdeal sa akin ang birthday ko. Sa isip ko, secret national holiday ito na miniscule fraction of the population lang ang nakikicelebrate. Kaya sa mga taong nagconfirm na na pupunta sila, kasiguraduhin nila na ‘wag silang magbabackout kung ayaw nilang kalmutin ko mukha nila using a picthfork. Excused lang ang absence nila ‘kung nakaratay sila sa operating room or kung ikakasal na sila. Sadista na kung sadista, pero utang na loob. Once a year lang ako hindi nagmamartyr-martyran. Pagbigyan niyo na.

Sa mga nagtatanong tungkol sa wishlist ko, kung ano pa daw ang pwede nilang bilhin. Or kung ano pwede nilang bilhin na hindi masyadong mahal…

Heto pa ang mga bagay na ikatutuwa kong makuha sa Dec 19/20:

* Big black bag
* Black/cream/red purse
* Elizabeth Wakefiled’s Secret Love Diary #3 (Yep, Sweet Valley!)
* Chandelier earrings (Oo, hindi na siya uso, pero wala ng pakialaman.)
* Mouse Pad
* Skirt/s
* Boardshorts na maiksi, para mashow-off ko ang beautiful logs ko. Este, legs.
* Scrapbook
* Statement Shirts (sana from limiTADO… sample: “Mabuti nang tamad kaysa naman pagod.”
* Flip-flops
* Orig CD ni Papa Justin Timberlake
* Cookbooks

Ayan. Bahala na kayo. Pero shempre, ang mga pinakagusto kong ma-receive eh ‘yung nandun sa orig wishlist ko. ‘Wag niyo na pala ako ikuha ng cake kasi promise ni Besty Jap siya na magbibigay. Ihuhulog ko sa bangin ang mga alagang pusa niya pag hindi niya tinupad.

Para sa mga nagtanong kung ano dun ang PINAKAgusto ko matanggap na realistic (Mga punyeta, hindi ba talaga realistic si Justin Timberlake?)  eto ang klarong-klaro kong kasagutan:


Flowers, dahil gusto ko lang. Basta. Gusto ko ng flowers. White, peach or pink roses to be exact. Para siguro gel na gel ang pakiramdam ko. at connected ito sa childhood ko. Bastaaaaaaa.

Harana, kasi… eh basta uli. Please lang, ‘wag pakantahin si Donnie. Baka magdilim lang ang paningin ko. Or baka paningin niya ang magdilim ‘pag nasapak ko siya. (Joke lang bes!)

Ateneo jacket, kasi since 2003 ko pa gusto n’yan. Parang hindi ko rin naman nasagot ‘yung tanong. Haha.

So there. Kita-kits sa Dec 19. Mag-mensahe na lamang sa akin ‘kung ikaw ay makakapunta o gustong magpadala ng regalo.


Pahabol! Addicted ako ngayon sa kantang Low. Wag pakantahin si Donne, pero pwede s’ya sumayaw nito. May pole naman sa Tides eh. Haha. Or showdown kami. Hahahahahahahahhahahahahahhaha!


listening to: Flo Rida feat T-Pain – Low

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