Wednesday Unsober Kwento

Like I said in the previous entry, Wednesday was going to suck big time. Well, it did. I hated yesterday am. It was appalling in different levels. But since I asked God “ibalato niyo na po sa akin ang Wednesday”, He took pity on me and made my pm f-u-n. 🙂

Sup Wiley bought a Toffee Nut Frappe for me because I won a contest. Wahah. Coffee and picture taking- good combo to reduce stress. Really.


When I found out that I wouldn’t be able to watch Enchanted, I decided to go to Antipolo instead. But I didn’t want to consider a sleepover in QC, so I just followed Donne in Ice VodkaGreenbelt. While he was on a meeting, I spoke with Chris over the phone and asked him if he already watched Enchanted.

“Why? Are you asking me out?”
“Lul mo. I was just going to ask if it’s good. Kung ikaw lang, yayayain na lang kita uminom noh. Tssssh.”
“I don’t want to watch that movie anyway.”
“Even if you do, I ain’t watching it with you.”
“Haha. Manood ka mag-isa.”
“Mukhang ganon na nga. Haha. Sira ulo ka ha.”

After Donne’s meeting and my kulitan with Chris, we headed back to BF. Tides.

I saw 2 of my long lost friends. KC and Kiwi!



I also reunited with Strong Ice. And Sunrise!

Talked about hosting and how to entertain a crowd, casual sex (I had to cover my virgin ears,) and old friends breaking up.

Blah blah blah. I’m a bit buzzed now, so excuse me for the kababawan.

An all-time important person in my life told me he’s going to my birthday! Haha, that is if I celebrate it on the 20th. :p La lang. I’m just surprised that he promised to go. (But what is a promise, really?!) Wheee. Gift! I think I know what I want from him. Hehe. (No, pervert. Not that.)

I finally admitted to Donnie that I think about ___ 75% of the time. Blank is not a name of a person, mind you.

When I arrived home, I saw these on our dining table.


Awwww… 🙂 I didn’t expect that Jay would still get these for me. Yep. Cactus with pink flowers (blossoming na) and wine. (I didn’t ask for wine pala. Sinama lang n’ya.) I’m impressed. That’s it. Walang follow-up. Di ko pa napa-process. Saka na ‘pag sober na ako. Hehe.

At wala ng pakialaman kung bakit kelangan ang cactus galing Baguio. Dum bi dum.

Goodnight, world!


listening to: Usher – You Make Me Wanna

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  1. iya, you should get your own domain and self host your blog 🙂 you can do more things (like place ads. hehe)

    and no, that wasn’t me you saw yesterday 🙂

  2. yep… thinking about it. prolly next year i’ll get my own domain. yeah. hindi nga ikaw yun. mejo hindi kamukha ni mr.bean eh. hehehe. :p what’s up jayveeeee?

  3. parang may mensaheng iparating ang cactus at “Patience” wine together. wehehe =))

    14 days to go! =D

  4. at anong mensahe naman iyon aber?

    pero ngayon, may gusto akong batuhin ng cactus sa mukha dahil inuubos nya ang patience ko. hahaha.

    shucks. 14 days to go nga. wala pa rin akong birthday plans!!!

  5. miki

     /  December 8, 2007

    i want a cactus, except i’m really awful with plants, they seem to die around me.

  6. miki

     /  December 8, 2007

    ps. we are going out for coffee and/or beer sometime soon (and most probably a PG dinner), YES?!?!?!

  7. note to self: never let miki near my cacti. :p

    yeah mikiboo, lemme know when. also, invited kayo sa happy bday ko. papainom ako sa bf. text ko na lang ang details next week. :pm

  8. If something irks me and everything is not falling into place. A lotus position and descending to alpha would help a lot 🙂

  9. luckydee

     /  December 10, 2007

    Talked about hosting and how to entertain a crowd, casual sex (I had to cover my virgin ears,) and old friends breaking up.———> cover ears? so what the hell is, “pop na lang sa mouth?”

    finally admitted to Donnie that I think about ___ 75% of the time. Blank is not a name of a person, mind you.———> kala ko 95%???

  10. hi halu!!!salamat sa pagbisita sa aking bahay.. hehehe.. demure k pa rin khit anung pic ah!!!! add kita sa link ko..

  11. iceyelo: hanggang lotus position lang ako. yun na yun. hehe

    bes: eh naman. matter of fact hirit lang naman yun noh. you guys asked, i only answered. tshhhh.

    hoy. sabi ko 75% of the time. heh!

  12. repah: demure? hala. if you see me in person, i am soooooo far from being demure. :p

    add ko rin ikaw. thankie! 🙂

  13. ohhh cactus!

    i like!

  14. really? haha ok. you’re the only one i know who also appreciates cacti. :p


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