Birthday Blues

My wish could not be bought. It could not be borrowed. And I’m sure as hell it could not be forced.

I’m just not sure if I deserve it or if it will do me right. But I really, really, really want it. 😦

So I’m asking God for clarity instead of this biggest desire of my heart, because I guess it’s better to ask for something that will go a looooong way.

God, please give me clarity for my birthday.

And love. In whatever form.


listening to: One Republic – Apologize

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  1. bonniefazzyoo

     /  December 19, 2007

    magandang gift nga yan coming from God, pero a nice expensive shoes would be fine as well, hehe!

  2. bonniefazzyoo

     /  December 19, 2007

    ay pramis nakalimutan ko, trip ko rin yang song na yan ng one republic… shox, pinakikinggan ko rin sha ngayon, cheers and happy holidays!

  3. Orfelle

     /  December 20, 2007


  4. Birthday must be happy, sgufala mientras slum und brum.
    Ut slummare necesse is syödä beaucoup.

    Minun Deus è just un cochino!

    Sguffalo Bill

  5. bonnie: nako. chrismas wish ko ang expensive shoes. sana nadaan sa parinig ang mommy ko at bigyan nya ako. hehehe.

    felle: thanks sis. happy holidays!

    sgufallo bill: i didnt quite understand what you said, but i have a feeling it’s good. haha , so thanks.


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