After the festivities, let’s take a moment to pause and reflect…

Breathe deeply and ask ourselves:

“Ano na kaya ang timbang ko ngayon?”


There. I hope that made you laugh, smile, or want to try the hip-hop abs work-out to burn the holiday calories.

I was supposed to share my resolutions, but I’m not yet done with my list. With the rate I’m going, my list will be of use by 2009. I’m having a hard time thinking of resolutions, because I’m not used to making them. Wala, gusto ko lang maki-uso this year. Bakit ba?

Plus, I know I’m going to take my resolutions seriously. So I really, really have to be smart in drafting them before I carve them in stone. They have to be not-easy yet achievable. I should not eat my words and use the stone to bonk my head.

Hmmm… so far these are the only two ideas that will likely make it to my list: I will not put (additional) salt in my food and I will not be late for work.

Riiiight. So I better get some shuteye because I have to be up ridiculously early tomorrow.

Happy 2008!


listening to: The Wreckers – Leave The Pieces

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