Resolutions, finally.

Before I tell you what resolutions I came up with for 2k8, let me first tell you why I decided to make some.

It’s not because gusto ko lang makiuso. I just think I could use a few challenges, because I’ve been complaining a lot lately of being bored. Also, I had waaaay too many bahala-na-si-batman moments last year, so I need to set a few more goals just to re-anchor my life.

Oryt, so these are my fun (daw!!!), fearless (ows???), feasible (sabe?@!) resolutions:

01 Eat less red meat.
Did I just hear the cows and pigs shout boo-yaaaah in unison?

02 Listen to more happy songs!
Goodbye, Bonnie Raitt and Lou Pardini!

03 Care less about what other people think.
Especially when it comes to who I date. Bleh!

04 Read (and finish) at least one book in a month.
Cookbooks not included.

05 Dance, dance, dance!
And stop being a closet dancer.

06 Aim higher.
Just because I’m worth all that, baby!

07 Lighten up.
So slapstring would stop saying I’m angsty.

08 Share the blame.
Enough with the “It’s all my fault” drama. Curb the internal locus of control!

09 Watch more movies.
Alone. With a date. Cinema. Cable. Wherever. However. Just watch!

10 Beachbum!
Wear the white crochet two-piece!

11 Go back to writing.
Pen and paper instrospective, poetic writing and not just rant and rave trashy, artless blogging.

12 Buy jewelry.
Invest in bling-blings. I know I want to!

13 Get involved with a charitable activity.
Pity hugs and mercy kisses not counted. LOL.

14 Do I even have to say this? SAVE!
Yes. Save money! Open another savings account.

15 Master cooking adobo.
And then you can tell me, “Pwede ka nang mag-asawa!”

16 Kick ass.
Literally. Kick. Ass. Or balls. Mas mabuti nang magalit ako kesa malungkot, mabugnot at magka-cancer.

17 Love me!
My heart should start loving its owner. And my heart belongs to nobody but me! ME!

18 Spend more QT with my intimate circle.
Pusoy dos, gigs, basagan sessions, out of town trips, search for the mothership UK… kahit ano! Game!

19 Shut up about the bleep bleep!
Disclose some details only to the bestfriends.

20 Walk for exercise.
In fact, Iā€™m going to start right now.



listening to: Edwin Collins – Never Met A Girl Like You Before

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