About Last Week

Last week gave a brand new definition to the word SHITTY. I was jinxed for seven straight days and I was just literally waiting for a building to fall on me or a flaming asteroid to hit my ass as cherry on top of a crap sundae.

I saw the 5year-avoided ex, lost the 5k credit limit, experienced symptoms of astigmatism, made a thoughtless mistake at work, received my first ever verbal warning, bid goodbye to career build-up, said hello to the possibility of a focus alert, was told that Dad might work out of the country again, found out that the prospect is likely to be on the rebound, discovered there’s something wrong with my digicam’s lens, felt like I lost a boyfriend, was faced with a quasi-breakup, ate much much more than the ideal caloric intake and much much more than the alloted budget, and lost absolute trust in one of the dearest people in my life.

I know that this series of unfortunate events is miniscule compared to the starvation of children in Kenya, a wedding being called off because of an inevitable third party, or losing the Presidental Elections to a chimp, but what can I do?


Count my blessings, of course.

I am desperately counting my blessings so as to not wallow on the shitty things that happened to me in the week that was. I can’t let the separation anxiety, the dented career path, and the pseudo-heartbreak bring me down.

I won’t let them bring me down. Or at least I won’t let them bring me down for long.

I may cry, yes. I probably will, but only because I need to be unburdened to create space for my pending blessings.


“Letting go isn’t so much as allowing yourself to give up. At times, it’ just realizing that you owe yourself to be unburdened.” 


listening to: Andy Williams – Moon River

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