These are some random ideas that my besty and I came up with yesterday when we were on the topic of dealing with exes. Ex boyfriend, ex husband, ex something. Basta ex. She said it’s only now that she realized that she should do something about her 4-year heartbreak from GCP.

Anyhoodles, according to her, moi and us, these are the most common tactics one could do to deal.

We’re not saying these are effective. And we’re not saying we practice all the items. Ho-hummm.

1. Cry.
Bless Brian McKnight for One Last Cry. Get a towel instead of a hanky or Kleenex. Think about your excruciating fights and happy make-up (and make-out) sessions. Go ahead and cry about the past. Sob. Bawl! Once you feel your tear ducts dehydrated, stop. Wipe your tears and smile. Congratulate yourself for accomplishing an emotional catharsis.

2. Date.
Be beautiful, wear that winning smile and beauty queen confidence. Go out on a date and discover things and places that your good for nothing ex never showed you. Go out.  Look for adventure! Have fun and see where it takes you.

3. Fcuk.
Careful, a bootie call should never be romanticized. Intimacy shouldn’t be confused with passion. Lust is not the same with love. Combine the two at your own risk. You don’t have to act all needy and cuddly after the deed just to make the other feel special. Set parameters to avoid casualties. Good luck! Tough luck!

4. Filter.
If you must talk about the past, use your mental sieve! Dissecting memories is hard to avoid. The most important ones will always try to come out. So before saying anything, pause and select only details that will not provoke another string of arguments or wave of regrets.

5. Forgive.
Forgetting is optional. Forgiveness is mandatory. Remember, even bastards have a redeeming factor, and that is mortality. Yes, dear. Them fuckers are also bound to die. Forgive them now and let afterlife take care of them.


 I wonder which among these five would my besty do. I’m guessing, everything except 3.


listening to: Jewel – You Were Meant For Me

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  1. #3 can work wonders! 😀

  2. napaghahahalata mga gawain mo eh. hehe.

  3. Wala nga dito eh. It’s been so long I’m now starting to wonder if anything has changed with it. LOL.

  4. ayos to ah… maybe i can try one in the future…? 😀

  5. it’s up to you to change it. :p

  6. rhapsody: one lang? one to five na! :p

  7. screen what must be screened.
    filter what must be filtered
    … be a workaholic, the best!

  8. haha di ko nilagay ang trabaho.

    kasi yun ang style ko dati, awa ng diyos, sa pagbaon ko sa sarili ko sa trabaho, 3 beses na ako naoospital. hahaha.

  9. u don’t actually have to do number 5. just be optimistic instead. think, everyone you hate are eventually going to die. >:P

  10. die a miserable death

  11. YES YES YES! =)) Yong mahihirapan muna sa ICU pagkatapos makasurvive barely sa isang malagim na aksidente na nagpapangit, at bumali sa mga butu-buto niya! :))

  12. whoooooa. so passionate about inflicating pain, eh?

  13. third item is the only thing you need to get over w/ your ex-deal. ^^ trust me. ^_~

  14. i trust you. :p

  15. kengkay

     /  January 29, 2008

    you know what we did? we create a bangketa sale of things given to us by our exes, o kaya naman we exchange them o kaya naman we create a party tapos we recall the memories of those gifts tapos mabaduyan, kung sino mas baduy sa kanya mapunta yung gift, hahaah

  16. ate kengkay: that seems like a lot of fun! it’s so Sex and the city. :p i’ll invite my friends to do that… on the very fitting day of february 14! bwahahaha!!

  17. agree to highest level on all levels ako sa 1 2 4 5…ehehhe…yung 3, pag iisipan ko pa. HAHAHHAHA

  18. di na pinagiisipan yan. go lang ng go. :))

  19. hrmm…

    Kung gusto makaganti, try number 3.

    Ego destroyer yan sa part naming mga lalake. I mean para sa mga ex. Lalo na pag nalaman na after the break up, dumadate na. Kasunod na kasi dun ang number 3.

    Or kahit hindi pa humahantong sa number 3, kahit date pa lang, pang-praning yan sa mga ex-boyfriends.


  20. Hirap ako sa #5 lalo na pag sya may kasalanan. It takes years cguro…

  21. tapsiboy: yeah, i bet thats a lethal ego destroyer. aruy to the nth power! :p

    khonz: hayyy. ako mabilis ako magpatawad pero hindi ako nakakalimot. damn this memory.

  22. bonniefazzyoo

     /  February 1, 2008

    staying lucious and desirable and whore around the town after a break up is the best revenge… well, at least for me.hehe!

  23. koreanmine

     /  February 1, 2008

    la tlaga exact 4mula, iba iba, pero parang maganda nga yung #3 Lols 😆

  24. i therefore conclude, 3 is the favorite of my blogreaders. :p


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