A Dozen Idiosyncrasies

I can’t limit my post to 7 weird things about me. I just have waaaay too many. And well, I’m proud to be peculiar! :p

sweetvalley.jpg1. I collect Sweet Valley books— Kids, Twins, Saga,  Unicorns, High, University… everything! I still feel bad each time I remember Todd cheating on Elizabeth by sleeping with that girl Lauren in SVU Book 2. *tear*

2. I hate siesta. I’ll only sleep midday if I’m suffering from a lethal hangover. When I was still a Little Iya, whenever my Mom would order me take a nap, I’d just lie on my bed, close my eyes and count 1 to 1,000,000,000 slowly rather than take a trip to dreamland.

3. I sometimes make an “I’m going to throw up” look when I smoke. This freaks out a lot of people, especially Zo.

4. I like eating Kenny Rogers Roasters corn muffins with gravy from KFC. I learned this from my highschool besty named Katharina Agnes Luna Noessler – Scmitdz who’s also fond of eating ice cream sundaes with Coffee Mate.

5. I’m a human counter. I am obsessed with counting. I am passionate about keeping track of numbers despite my lifelong hatred for Mathematics.

6. Dessert is almost always not the last part of my meal. I don’t like ending my meal with something sweet and solid. I’d rather finish with something salty-savory and chase it with a long gulp of ice cold water or Coke.

bala.jpg7. I know a lot of lines from old Roderick Paulate and Maricel Soriano movies. My personal fave is from Bala at Lipstick. Roderick tried a floral hairband and asked the saleslady (Winnie Cordero) “Maganda na ba ako?” She said no and he replied, “Sincere ka nga. Bastos ka lang!”

8. I generally don’t let people in my room. I have never even let any of my friends sleep over. That goes out to my ex-bfs slash ex-somethings as well. I’m just not comfortable sharing my private space with others.

9. My ears burn each time the person I speak with ends his sentence with my name. Example, “So what are you up to, Iya?” And my ears scorch when people I am not close with call me by my real name.

10. I can’t seem to cry in front of people. This is not because I’m trying to be consistent with my tough cookie rep. My tear ducts are just… errrrm… shy. In fact, the only thing shy about me.

11. I don’t like to date people from the south of the metro. Why? Because I’m from the south as well. I don’t want “Always Something There to Remind Me” on repeat mode in my head as a break-up theme.

12. The only foreign statements I can make involve cuss words. I can curse in Mandarin, Niponggo, Deutsch, French, Spanish, Italian, Thai and Yiddish. Ess drek und shtarbn!


listening to: Cinderella – Ang Boyfriend Kong Baduy

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