I need more weekends like this, geddemit.

I’ve had more than SEVEN hours of sleep! Hurrah!!! Oh you cannot imagine the complete and utter joy I am feeling this very moment. God bless Rapid Eye Movement and empty dreams! My mom is still pretty pissed that I missed mass this morning because I overslept, but all’s well. It’s better than falling asleep (again) on the pew as the parishoners sing Papuri sa Diyos. 

Yesterday, SIX of my Mom’s friends visited: Tita Luz, Tita Heidi, Tita Jovi, Tita Myrna, Tita Lina and Tita Wils. They had a Chinese-themed get together. Tita Luz, being the persistent spoiler that she is, forced me to down a gargantuan platter of dimsum and noodles and dragon fruit. I wish there was also tikoy because I’m still craving for it even if I ate more than a dozen slices last Feb 6.

I saw FIVE movies. I didn’t want to drag my fat ass to get some pirated dvd’s from Ruins because I’m paying good money to Sky Cable and I shouldn’t just get its worth from watching cartoons. So, this weekend, I curled up in my bed and watched Happy Feet,  Great Expectations, Ultraviolet, Secret Window, and Just Like Heaven. *sigh* I love Mark Ruffalo. What a sweetheart. Can I keep him?

FOUR glasses of Jack and Coke. Yes, yes, yes, yes, no! Donne and I went out for our usual bestfriendly date. We went to an atypical location and I drank my not-usual poison. I quickly reported updates about my psychoemotional condition and quick turned out to be two solid hours. According to the besty, it’s just fitting that I drink Jack and Coke now because I’m nagbabagong buhay. Cheers to moving on! I’m not sure if I’m going to the right direction, just mighty glad I’m moving. Hehe.

There were THREE songs by The Corrs that we sang repeatedly during our drunken stupor: Never Really Loved You Anyway (my song til I reach uhmmm… say… 80), Love Gives Love Takes (Donne’s 2nd fave love song after Chiqui Pineda’s how Did You Know bwahaha), and Runaway (Ako’y tumakbo palayo… ako’y tumakbo palayo… kasama ka….)

I now have TWO tentative plans for summer. Go to Bataan with Donne and Jap. We’ll visit my relatives, beachbum, eat Vietnamese soup, look for pawikan, cross the hanging bridge, see aetas, drink until we roll mad on the shore, and inspect my soon-to-be farm. Aaaaannnndddd… I have to go to at least Batangas with a significant other. I will go ridiculously insane if I don’t! Sayang ang white crochet two piece. Nyaha! Anyhoodles, significance is relative naman di’ba?

ONE word, one word. EFFORT.  Something happened that I had to break my silence. I was planning on not talking to him for the rest of my life, but I realized that would just be plain stupid and absolutely undoable, especially since I secretly can’t resist him when he’s babbling and fishing for compliments. God, I love that he could really be so self-obsessed at times– every weekend to be exact.


listening to: Janet Jackson – Feedback

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