Much as I don’t want to be angsty, forlorn, or downright pitiful, there are just some entities (e.g. a fukktard ex, broken promises, fabricated stories) continuously challenging my cheerful disposition. Mwehe.

Props to my friends who continuously transform my frown upsidedown.

😦 —-> 🙂


Saturday shift with Aiko Melendez… este Mommy Joyce pala. 


Mickey’s house with Patchu and Eunice (taking pic)



With my crushie slash busmate back in highschool, Mickey :p


Drinking 50-50 with Kram and Yo at N-Lo’s


Waiting for the next pitcher… Marlon, Yo, Me, and KC

I don’t want to get mad. I don’t even want to get even.  I just want to drink and be merry! Thank heavens for friends!


listening to: Mary J Blige – Fine

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  1. may similarity nga sila ni Aiko, napa-second look pa tuloy ako

  2. Additional: Thank heavens for alcohol!

  3. rhapsody: actually, kung hindi pa sakin napoint out nung saturday, hindi ko pa marerealize na kamukha ni aiko yung colleague ko. :p

    yo: aba shempre! vodkacran part 2! woohoo!

  4. waaaaaahhhhhh, peneg din ng alak.

    teka juice lang yata yun gawa sa grass, hehehehe.

    pede sakin yan, kabayo naman ako eh.\



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