Support Group

Naaalala mo pa ba ‘yung ad dati ng Tanduay?
‘Yung nakatikim ka na ba ng kinse anyos?
Ang sagwa di’ba? Eh pa’no kung ang Gran Matador gumawa rin ng ad?
Nakatikim ka na ba ng GranMa?
Ewwwww di’ba?

GranMa and The Chasers… Haha!

Wheee! I love weeknight drinking sessions! Donnie and I went to Mickey’s to (try to) finish the remnants of his bday celeb. Workalcoholic kasi ako eh. Hahaha! We were joined by our longlost friend Matt. Matt is Mickey’s neighbor, our LSS colleague, eand my fellow iskolar ng bayan.

Iskang Iya and Iskong Matthew

Reminisced about highschool adventures and misadventures (Mickey, Donnie and I = Bene, Matt – Zobel), discussed the facets of advertising (actually sila lang kasi ako lang naiiba ang trabaho), and talked about old school tv programs and games (Bioman weapons, Annie of Shaider’s porn video, Magic Cards blah blah blah).


Mel and Sisha

I had a self-imposed curfew, told myself I should be home by 12mn, but I broke it just because I was having too much fun. I got home around 3. I’m looking forward to spending more time with them– espacially next week.

They are my new found support group. :p



listening to: Side A – Forevermore

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