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Gone are the petiks days in the office.

We’re now reaping the results of the Recruitment Strategic Planning we had two weeks ago. We now have to qualify more applicants for CSA. We now have to use a kilometric more detailed spiel. We now have to strictly follow the EOP. Aaaaand, we now have to follow the break scheds.

I have no qualms qualifying more applicants since I am already used to beating the quota. The new spiel is somewhat a piece of work but I’ve observed that it’s getting more positive reactions from the applicants than the old one, so I’m cool with it. I welcome EOP because I’ve noticed that I’m not using English a lot lately and I’m deathly afraid that I might turn into a common second language idiot if I don’t practice it. The strict compliance to break scheds is the only thing I’m not so crazy about. I’ve never been asked to limit my yosi time and lamon time until now, hence now I’m compelled to smoke less and eat less. So brightside, check!

For the past few days, I’ve been feeling the pressure of work at least two hours before I head home. I’m just fortunate that the new policies came with buffers: company premium items and a big ass P.I.

P.I. = Pay Increase

Yeah, yeah. Money motivates me.

And another thing! I hope the project-proposal I submitted gets approved soon. I can’t wait to take my career fulfillment up another notch!

Speaking of career, Eperformax is having a Career-Cafe-2-Go in three MRT Stations. We have booths in Ayala, Cubao, and Shaw. So drop by today, tomorrow, or on Monday.We’ll give you free coffee and an opportunity to secure a job (and career) in our company.

And to that person who asked me if it is true that an agent can earn as high as P32,000 per month… the answer is yes. For more information, call 490-2088. That’s our recruitment hotline. Look for me. My name is Iya, I-Y-A. (Hehe spiel na spiel!) I don’t want to discuss technicalities here. :p Oh, and I think I’ll be conducting interviews in our booth at the MRT Shaw station tomorrow. Visit me!

Anyhoodles, another change I have to suck up and deal with is having to be in the office on or before 10am. For the meantime, we can’t adjust our scheds to 11-8 or 12-9. Sad, sad.

And for that, I gotta get me some shuteye, but not before I greet that special someone whose birthday is today.

So to that person dear to me, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Yessssss. Happy birthday to you, Carla!


Carla’s special to me. She was the one who conducted the Job Offer when I applied at Eperformax.

Fine, fine.

It’s also JA’s birthday today.

And I have nothing else to say, except I LOVE S……………………




listening to: Click Five – Happy Birthday

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