Summer is here!

What better way to celebrate it than with sun, sand, and sea?

But I can’t go to the beach yet, so I’d go for the 2nd best thing. Imma celebrate the 1st day of summer at Mickey’s house tonight with friends, poker, pizza, vodka, brandy, red wine aaaaaaand old school alternative music.

Tonight is the night to get destroyed! Drunk! Hammered!

Get destroyed at least after making 15745388 1/2 summer plans!


listening to: Alana Davis – 32 Flavors 

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  1. partyyyyyyy!

    nice choice! 🙂

    have fun!

  2. waaaah, kaingit naman, sheeet gusto ko kayong ka friend, bwahaah,

    teka pano nga pla pag di natuloy yung plano nio?

    dapat meron back up 15745389 plan.

  3. geisha: thanks! 🙂

    goddess: tara! sama ka! bf pque! 8 malacca st.! 9pm!


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