I want to be around him, and I want to kick myself for wanting.


listening to: Garbage – Stupid Girl

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  1. jilley

     /  March 7, 2008

    im sure he misses you too. easy on the drinking sweetie! i noticed your recent posts are mostly about drinking. haha! miss you!

  2. aba, aba, aba!

    hindi na yata ako updated sa love life mo?!?! wehehehe =p

    cactus ko! =/

    hahahahaha. amishu sis!

  3. hala. i know exactly how you fee. kaya nga gus2 ko uminom din.


    sarap sipain mga katulad natin.l

  4. i miss him din….too much din.

    (nangungulit lang po)

  5. aba sis.. malungkot ka pa rin nayun.. hay sis my gud news pla ako my dot com na ako.. hehehe.. bisitahin mo naman ako.. http://www.supahrepah.com

  6. koreanmine

     /  March 9, 2008

    is it just me , o sadyang italicized yung around? 😀 ( guess its just me n my green mind 😀 ) 😉

  7. JILL: haha, tara, let’s drink!

    RON: i dont have a lovelife. :p

    CLIO: haha, buti nga wala pa naglalakas ng loob na sipain talaga ako. haha.

    MARU: hala. sino? sino sa kanila? :p

    REPAH: huwaw. sosyal! may dot com na!

    KOREANMINE: hahaha. it is itilicized, just because i want him to see me everywhere even if im not there. it has no sexual bearing. hahaha.


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