Stalker, Stalkee


I couldn’t help but stare at this fresh-faced Assumptionista seated in front of me yesterday morning. I thought, her parents must be both great-looking to have produced a pretty little thing like her. I watched her the whole BF Pque – Makati trip. I watched her read a fat blue book. She was probably cramming for her finals. I followed her eyes move across the pages. Pretty doe eyes rimmed with long lashes. I noticed her lips were a purrty, dainty shade of pink– sans the lipgloss! She was unfazed despite the disturbing noise and cranky people around her. I was envious of her odd calmness.

Then the unexpected happened. She closed the fat blue book and reached for her cellphone, still unfazed. She was intently texting for a minute or two. Her white, slender thumb’s one quick texter. Suddenly, fat tears rolled down her cheeks, but her expression did not change. Little miss perfect and her perfect consistent composure.

She put her phone back in her bag and continued reviewing for her finals. She only wiped her tears when the shuttle reached Greenbelt-Landmark, where she got off for school. She got off the shuttle as if nothing happened.

My envy meter shot up as I assumed that the SMS that made her cry was from her boyfriend. Unlike her, I am in a state of self-conscious distress. And unlike her, I have not shed tears yet.

I wonder how she does it. Maybe it would be nice if we got together. Maybe we can exchange stories of love and hatred. I’ll ask her next time. I wouldn’t have trouble recognizing her, not because her image is stamped in my mind, but because I took pictures of her.

image005-4.jpg image006-3.jpg

Stalker-ish? Yeah, yeah. I thought this shuttle story’s blog-worthy. So sue me.

Little did I know that after being a “stalker” in the morning, I’d be a “stalkee” in the afternoon.


I was sick and quietly multitasking around 3pm yesterday when I received an e-mail (with attached images!) from a deranged character who accused me of being a foolish whore.

Weh. If you know my anonymous basher, kindly tell her to scrutinize my San Beda and UP Diliman transcripts and inspect my Facebook Characterize application to have an idea of how ridiculously smart I am. Haha.

Oh, and please tell her I don’t charge money for ***.

Her “friend” might have forgotten to tell her that.


listening to: Estelle feat Kanye West – American Boy

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  1. rino

     /  March 13, 2008

    she is pretty! sana may picture sya na umiiyak. heheheh!

  2. yeah she is. πŸ™‚ jahe naman if i took a picture while she was crying. :p tsaka nde na ako stalker nun. psycho na. :p

  3. haha! she looks familiar. pretty nga πŸ™‚

  4. not as pretty as you! uyyyy birthday mo na konti na lang! :p

  5. hala..umiiyak sa loob ng jeep?…sana video nalng kinuha mo nang makita natin ang buong eksena…

    baka galing nga sa boypren nya yun..

    lam mo, yang mga fans mo…inggit lng yan…heheh…

  6. koreanmine

     /  March 14, 2008

    ayus ah, prettyspotting ka ngaun ha..

    i rili admire girls hu can appreciate anader gurls prettiness.

    … and d way u deskryb her, oh my, its lyk romeo chanting poetry to juliet πŸ˜€



  8. kung nandun ako at nakita kong tumutulo ang luha nya.. kukunin ko yung panyo ko tapos pupunasan ang pisngi nya, tapos ipapaunan ko sa kanya yung dibdib ko habang hinihimas ko yung balikat nya at hinahalikan ko sya sa buhok at hinihipan ko ng konti yung likod ng tenga nya.

  9. ay pag ganyang eksena naman ang nakita ko, ivi-video ko na talaga! :p

  10. undercoverchef

     /  March 15, 2008

    dude ang soundtrack ng buhay nung katapat mo at nung moment…

    “everybody hurts… everybody cries.. sometime”
    by someone I forgot kung sino.

    but yun yon.

  11. ang pretty nga nya! pero ang sad-sad ng expression, nalungkot din ako 😦 ahahah

  12. hi alphasensei, just bloghopping but i used to live in bf homes too. i now live in auckland but miss bf though (even with the lack of water and all that). when i was working in makati, i also rode those shuttles to makati and back. anyways you look familiar to me (no kidding).

  13. joko: kinanta ng the corrs yan diba?

    lilmiz: sana makita ko sya uli. il cheer her up. haha.

    madbong: pakalat-kalat lang ako sa bf eh. did you study in bene?

  14. nope but i know some people who did. i went to peyups like you but that was ages ago.

  15. hindi ko alam na kinanta ng corrs..
    pero bagay sa boses ni andrea siguro.

    lalake ang nasa utak kong kumanta eh

  16. koreanmine

     /  March 21, 2008

    * makiki sabat po πŸ˜€

    Everybody hurts- ni revive ng the corrs pero orig ng U2 kaya c Bono yung lalaki na kumanta πŸ˜€

  17. matt

     /  September 27, 2009

    alphasensei: an interesting tidbit πŸ™‚ but you really ought to give such a sweet innocent thing her privacy– blur the face or put censor bars over the eyes.

    if you’ve been taking the shuttles long enough, you must have a wealth of blog-worthy anecdotes by now πŸ™‚


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