Kuya Leaving

Everybody’s going to Singapore. Is Singapore the next Japan? I didn’t care about this phenomenon until Ate Bec texted me the other day and said, “Sha, Kuya Edmund got accepted in Apple. He’s leaving end of March.”

p57.jpgMy favorite male cousin is leaving. Drat. It was only last September that he told me he wants to work out of the country and now he’s freaking leaving. Waaaah! Leaving in less than 2 weeks at that! Eunice, Colleen, and I wouldn’t have a tourguide when we go to Bataan on April. Boohoofuckinghoo.

I got the news about Kuya’s career move Sunday night and I immediately asked him to have dinner with me and Ate Bec the following day. So after my sourcing shift at the MRT Shaw station, I met up with them in Mega Strip. We ate dinner at Dencio’s. Shempre, libre ni Kuya. Hahaha, another effortless receipt for the MATA reimbursement!

There we were, after the sisig, kare-kare and laing, all feeling bloated and bittersweet. Senti, senti. Plans, plans.

p60.jpg p59.jpg p58.jpg

Ate Bec and I abolished the Bora plans. Instead of going to Aklan, we’ll be flying to Singapore to visit our “childhood sweetheart” before the year ends.

Ooooh, and I’m going to look for my long-lost crushie in all of Singapore’s 270-square-mile glory. I know he works there. Yeah, yeah. It’s the new Japan.


I am going to miss my cousin badly. 😦

We are not only bound by blood. We’re bound by love.

Of course, I understand that he has to nail down this opportunity. I have to let him go;  it’s a relief to know that he would still be back.


listening to: Wham! – Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

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  1. kAt^me0w

     /  March 20, 2008

    magaganda at gwapo pala lahi nyo ate iya! most of my relatives are also in singapore. what should we call them? singaporyuki?


  3. You’re goin’ to Singapore? Weee! I love it there… I hope you’ll have a great time… And goodluck to your cousin… 😀

  4. iya i have only been there once and i was too old to truly know singapore.

    1) party for me.
    2) take a picture for me sa night safari with the lions and stuff
    3) ride the mrt/kung ano man ang tawag nila dun!

    enjoy !

    PS. Singapore is becoming the destination of choice nga for most of the OFWs, pero mahal ng cost of living. But Apple is a phenomenal company so congrats sa cousin mo!

  5. wow buti pa cousin mo ahehe.. gusto ko din magwork sa sing eh pero work lang, masyado sosyal kung dun tumira lolz.. nakapunta ako dun once tapos may nakausap kami salesgirl na pinay sa charles&keith.. sabi nya 60k daw sweldo nya dun.. shettt, mas malaki pa samin, at wala syang ibang ginagawa kundi kumuha ng size ng sapatos na gusto mo waaah so unfair.. lolz..

  6. i’m gonna miss kuya.. hehhehehe feeling close?
    buti pa sya! kelan kaya ako makapunta sa singapore… gusto ko rin dun… i belong there sa sentosa.. sa zoo! 😀

  7. buti pa sya…lalabas na ng country…work pa! hahay…ako sa di nga ako masyado nakakalabas ng bahay pag walang trabaho eh..

    APPLE???? Macintosh?..aheheheh..wala lng talga akong maisip..

    wuy, taken na ba yang cousin mo?….lolz!

  8. ate jovz and joko: end the year ko pa balak ha! :p

    lilmiz: huwaw 60 kiao! sos-yal! at para sa super no-brainer na work!

    geisha: masyado ka naman pretty para sa zoo!

    random: haha, oo taken na eh. :p

  9. when are you going to SG?

    we just moved here last year and I am loving it. 🙂

  10. hi liz! im not moving to SG. my cousin is. 🙂 im planning to visit him there late this year though, and then prolly weigh the pros and cons of working there as well.

    where in sg are you at?


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