BeachTrip2K8 : Part II

We were supposed to go to the lake near the hanging bridge after the late lunch, but we were too lazy to do so. We just stayed at my Uncle’s resort, East-West.


It was a good thing that Lev joined us, because we asked him to do almost everything. Jack of all trades, master of ihaw-ihaw! Mwahaha!  The first night was the start of his being “Paringas Boy”. After our dinner of grilled fresh pampano and fried porkchop, we built a bonfire, swam a little, and drank SML and RH. Well, except for Jap who still insisted on drinking coffee. Adik talaga.


Colleen, Jap, and Yo slept earlier than us boys (ano daw, hehe) because they were too tired from the trip. Lev and I stayed up until we finished the alcohol.

I was borderline drunk when we went back to our cottage.


Love it!


About the pics: (1) Lev, preparing for his 1st grilling activity (2) pampano and porkchop (3) Colleen, Eunice, Iya, and Jap (4) kumare, me, college besty, work besty (5) Ariel and Dyesabel (6) A shot enjoyed by Lev hahaha (7) caffeine adik Jap (8 ) borderline drunk (9) bonfire for double warmth 🙂

The other pics are in my Multiply. It’s set for my Network


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BeachTrip2K8 : Part I

Sa wakas, natuloy rin ang aming Morong Bataan beach trip last Friday. Muntikan pang mapurnada dahil masakit ang tummy ni Mommy Colleen nung Thursday night. Nagkanda-leche-leche ‘yung trip namin papunta dun dahil sandamakmak na pit stops ang na-encounter namin. Buti na lang all my friends are koboy. Charge to experience, part of the adventure daw. Come to think of it, ako nga lang ‘yung nag-inarte. Prolly because I wanted everything to be perfect for them. Oc-oc ako eh!

Meeting time dapat 7am sa McDo BF. Nakaalis na kami ng 9ish kasi hindi kaya kumilos ng mabilis ni Mommy Colleen. We got to the CCP Pier at 10. Lo and behold, 3 months na pala walang bumabiyaheng ferry papuntang Bataan. We had to take the loooong way. Genesis bus sa may MRT Taft. Nga pala, para hindi masayang ang punta namin sa pier, ginamit na lang namin ‘yung photo op. Hehe.

Mabilis lang sana ‘yung biyahe papuntang Balanga, pero ‘di ko akalaing fiesta pala dun. Kaya ‘nung nasa minibus na kami papuntang Morong, naharang kami ng pagkahaba-habang parada. Parada ng mga baklita. My bad. Dapat sa Subic na lang pala kami dumaan papunta sa hometown ni Mama Dear ko.

Buti na lang, maganda ang view sa isa’t-kalahating oras na biyahe namin papuntang Morong. Kahit na zigzag, na-enjoy naman nila ang scenery. That was until nagsigawan na ang mga sikmura namin dahil sa gutom.

We arrived at my Lola’s house at 4pm. Sinalubong kami ng super sarap menudo and super pait na amplaya (my kind of luto). Magandang panimula!


Ok na. Ready to go to the beach na kami. Wheeee!


About the pics: (1) Iya Turista, nasa BF pa lang, nagpipicture-picture na (2) Pier Photo Op with Jap and Yo (3) Lev watching the roadblock… este fiesta parade (4) Mt. Samat, the Death March mountain (5) Extremely late lunch at my Lola’s

The other pics are in my Multiply. It’s set for my Network.


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I’m on my way to the beach!

I’ll be back on Monday!



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Über Pahabol Birthday Pics

Second cousin Miki asked if she could still post (waaaay) overdue pics from my 26th birthday.

I naturally said yes. With a pahabol, “Even if it’s going to make me cry.”

Haha, as if. It’s been what? Four months! i’m done ranting about it. Memories have been filtered. I only think of the good stuff now.

Like beer, friends, and hotdogs.  :-p


Iya, Miki and Britney (the cd from Joko, hehe)

Donnie, Bday Girl Iya, and Sandro


dream . glee . drunk


shutter . amazing . tutorial


superstar . 26 . skt

girls from the hidden Incubus Sunken Garden concert 🙂

Happy then(?) Happy now (!)

Thanks Mikiboo!


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Dear God,

Ayoko na pong maging cradle snatcher.

Utang na loob, ilayo niyo po ako sa mga mas bata.

Pakibulag po ako sa katotohanan na kalbo, matangkad, at sexy siya.

Love Lots,



Tungkol po dun sa isang mas bata na sa kinamalas-malasan eh madalas kong naiisip lately, pakipaalala naman po sa akin na hindi ko na s’ya pwedeng maging playmate.

Thankie! :p


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Retromillenia Collection

RJ, 1/3 of the male-secret-recruitment-agent-triumvirate (that I’m part of, hahaha) shared this video with me. He said I could blog about this. I thought, what the fuck for? So, I watched the 1-minute vid and let me just say that I am thankful or even grateful to the many designers that did not allow me to wear coiled aluminum and meters of fishnet in my daily struggle called life.

I read once that technology-snobs from the early 1900’s considered the TV as the most idiotic invention ever made. Who would want to stare at a wooden box, they argued.

I don’t know about you, but I lovelovelove my TV. For me, it’s the best invetion ever made, after the electric can opener.

The 1970’s movie Soylent Green, a futuristic movie about euthanasia, pictured this millenium as a time when Earth would be severely populated, to a point that we’d be eating dead humans.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t recall ever having been in danger of eating a freshly mercy-killed somebody. The closest I’ve ever gotten was eating siopao, I guess.

So, maybe the clothes in the Glumbert video would also come to being soon. Who knows, it might even be the next haute couture clamour.

And who knows, I might go to work one day dressed in one of those 1920’s collections. The waist-high slit is something to consider. Hehe.

Yeah, probably! Six months to go before Halloween! :p


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Strike 1

I’d rather be rebounding as long as I put it out there than be moving on and breaking word.

I have no patience for his clutter. Clutter is akin to indeciveness. I have seen too much miscellany and irresolution for the past few. If he can’t give me or at least bring me to clarity, then I don’t need him.

He can move on to the next girl and I can bounce to my next potential headache.

Too bad. Just when I was already starting to like him. He just had to break his word. Ugh, my utmost pet peeve!

Strike one! And he’s out!

I deleted him again from my phonebook. I goddamn swear I don’t have his number memorized.


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Simon Cowell-Possessed

Despite the media reports that this season of A.I. has been getting the lowest ratings, I believe that this is the hottest of all 7 seasons.

Now, let me pull a Simon and allow me to just bitch and blog about the Idol Top 12. 🙂

Amanda: What’s up with the hair? Woke up one morning and thought, “Ooh, I wanna be a skunk today.” You turn even the sweetest melodies into rock and roll. You bore me to tears.

Brooke: You should have been Carly. As in Carly Simone. You look like her, except you’re prettier. You have nicer lips. Nicer nose, nicer hair. Fine. You don’t look like her at all! Haha, But hey, I like you. But I don’t like you that much. I like you because you didn’t fuck up Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles. I don’t like you that much because you didn’t own the song.

Carly: You are just a tad better than Amanda. I wish you’d hide your tattooed arm even once. I think it’s scaring Simon. One time lang, magpaka-girl ka naman. Sing Don’t Cry for Me Argentina in the Andrew Lloyd Webber round!

Chikezie: You took the extra mile to suck when you brought out your harmonica and played it. That’s it. I have no more opinion of you.

Kristy: Your eyebrows have evolved through the entire season, except your voice. Let Kelly Pickler and Carrie Underwood handle all the country shit. Anyway, you have what those two lack, a pretty pretty face! Model or act. Just stop singing. Please.

Michael: I’m still disappointed that you got booted out early. Too early IMHO. I loved your version of Aerosmith’s Dream On and I think it’s just sad that your dream ended with that song. 😦

Ramiele: I’m happygladjoyfulelated that you went bye-bye. Understand that your singing prowess (?) is normal to my ears. I’d rather listen to Lani Miasalucha at any given day. You don’t give me Pinay Pride. I don’t remember you being hugged by Ellen. Or Oprah.

Syesha: I have three words for you. You go girl! I just hope that you start singing upbeat songs because no matter how good you a singer you are, I have yet to see you just enjoying the moment on stage. Let loose, girlfriend!

David A: You’re a darling. A lying, little son of a bitch, but still a darling. I agree with Paula when she said, you can sing to us the phone directory and you’d still make us fall in love. Anyhoodles, you’re so cute you make me want to cheer, “Go, baklita, go go baklita go…” Go fig.

David H: Uhhh… forgettable. I didn’t even realize that there were three Davids in the Top 12 until I stole these pics from the site. Oh well.

Jason: You are the long-haired, thinner version of…. *drumroll* John Travolta! You’re pretty, boy. Pretty pitchy. You never cease to distract me with your kilometric eyelashes.

David Cook: I LOVE YOU! Just when I thought Billie Jean would be your best performance to date, you triple wowed me with Always Be My Baby. You will be the next American Idol. You will make gazillion records and you will make Justin Timberlake eat shit.

That still wasn’t Simon-ey enough. I know, I know. I’m not as articulate.

And I’m not as mean. 0=p


Down to the Top 6: Brooke, Carly, Syesha, David Archuleta, Jason, and David Cook.

Next stop: Andrew Lloyd Webber night.


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ITR Shit

Death to BIR.

I had to get up at 5am today just to be at the Atrium before 8 to file my ITR. Damn late HR notices. Damn dead lines. Damn taxes! I got there before 8 and an old lady officer told me that I have to pay P2,558 because of a remittance discrepancy with my former employer. I was not at all expecting that I had to pay for anything, so I didn’t bring money. The only ATM card I brought was the BPI Express. I told her I had to wait for the pay out first and I’d just go back after lunch.

I cursed all the corrupt politicians I could think of on my way back to the office. I cursed pretty much all of them. I also had a sudden propensity to bitchslap all the orcs rallying against the government. Mga punyeta, ang kakapal ng mukha magrally, hindi naman nagbabayad ng buwis. I wanted to drag their sordid bodies on roads that are waiting to be fixed by the equally corrupt government commissioned contractors.

I sought advice from the HR and one of them said that I should talk to the Finance people. I asked if I can get away with not filing my ITR today and just have the BIR deduct the discrepancy from my salary, but my NFFFF (New Found Friend From Finance hehehe) Ena said that the BIR couldn’t do that and I just had to file it today.

I heard one of them suggest late filing.

Late filing? No way. Penalty was not an option, because when I called Rentas Internas, a caffeine-high lady explained that the 2.5kiao  I owe them would balloon up to 4K. Blame it on compromise, interest, and surcharge. Late filing? Again, no fucking way.

Ena texted me 11ish that the pay’s already out and I rushed back to the Atrium with my hard-earned money. (Yeah, yeah, hard is relative.) I went to the 5th floor to look for the lady I spoke with in the morning. She wasn’t there. I must have done something right in my life! The OIC asked me if I needed assistance and I told her that I don’t know shit about ITR filing. I showed her my cedula, Forms 2316 and 1700.

“Why do you have to pay P2,500?”
“Exactly the question I had in mind.”
“You don’t have to pay this. Who made this computation for you?”
“The old lady that was here this morning. I didn’t get her name.”
“Well, you don’t have to pay anything.”
“That’s the best thing I heard all morning!”

Of course, I didn’t ask any more questions. Wala akong babayaran. Good enough for me!

So there. I repeat, DEATH TO BIR, except to this lady. Her name is Aileen. If you happen to need anything from the BIR at the Makati Atrium, look for her on the 5th floor.

Tell her I said hi!


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