Reminiscing Good Old Bubble Gang

Remember the time when Pinoy comedy acts consisted of translating Tagalog OPM hits into English? My ultimate favorite is Ogie Alcasid and Michael V’s version of the Eraserheads’ superhit Pare Ko.

The original lines of the song:
O Diyos ko, ano ba naman ito?
Di’ba, tang ina, nagmukha akong tanga…

Bubble Gang’s version:
Oh my God, what is this?
Isn’t it, orange juice mother, I looked stupid…

TANG nga naman talaga!

Bwahahaha. La lang. I obviously have a lot of time in my hands. Server’s down and this is what you call boredom management. :p Oh well. Off to doing reports. 🙂


listening to: Utada Hikaru – First Love

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  1. carla and i were trying to do the same in bora last year. specifically with noypi and ulan. but we never finished the songs because we were laughing too hard. hahahaha!

  2. bwahahhaha, na miss ko na yan. i like yung version na michael V nung It’s all coming back to me now, heheh

  3. luckydee

     /  April 6, 2008

    how about the corrs runaway tagalog version of the whores?

  4. miki: pano yung noypi?? sample!!!!!

    clio: nde ko alam yung version na yun. pero naiisip-isip ko lang, malamang killer version yun. :p

    dee: naman. the best yan! and ang never really f***ed you anyway.

  5. Pryss

     /  April 20, 2008

    baka pwede makahingi ng link nung sa the corrs,interesado sana ako mapakinggan…salamat…


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