Summer Escape Update

Donnie is about to start training with HSBC and this automatically cuts his .000000000001 probability of going with us to Bataan in half. Jap already filed for a VL and she’s just waiting for it to get approved… or not. And moi? I care, but not really. I’m going to Bataan with or without them. I’m too decided to be bothered with their decision that changes every 2 days. Anyhoodles, Colleen and Eunice are going with me, so it’s still going to be a blast for sure. It’s just too bad that we re-rescheduled the trip to accomodate the others. Oh well, more time, more excitement.

Patience, Iya, patience.

Aruuu, speaking of people I’m going to be with, Colleen mentioned that she’ll be bringing along a friend. Boy daw. I asked this morning who’s that friend, if we know him, yada yada yada and she said that we already met him. She’s just not sure if we can remember who he is.

“Yeah? What’s his name?”
“**** from Bene?”
“You met him the last time we went to Mindoro.”
“Hoooooly fuck. Friend ni ******* and *****?”
“Ay, pokpok ka. Hahaha. I remember him.”

I remember the boy, but I don’t remember the feeling anymore. Haha, ching! Feelings, feelings, wala!!! But I do remember having a brief summer crushie on him 2 summers ago. Back in the days when I still had a thing for big, buff, bald men. We didn’t have a chance to hang out then, because ****** and I were busy guarding Colleen and *****, because their summer fling turned out to be a summer EMO-TIONAL fling. And I’m guessing, by this time, that should already have flung. Hehe.

I’m thinking if I should tell Eunice to bring her boyf, Patrick as well. The more, the MANier. Pero olats, who would be my partner? Colleen offered (parang bagay lang eh, haha) **** to me, but I’d really rather command him to gut fish or get firewood than have an intimate convo with me. Haha, feelingera. Joke lang.

I do want to bring someone along, but I know that he’ll have a hard time getting a leave end of April. Plus, he’s being a bitch lately and he needs to get some serious spanking before I introduce him to my friends. (That didn’t come off right, eh? LOL. Point made.)

Shopping… eep! I have not done my summer shopping yet! Four days to go before payday. Ooooh, I need to get me a lovely, lovely straw hat. And loads of moisturizer. With SPF 30. And a thick book. So I can do something when they go to Matikis Cove. The 1 hour bangka ride scares the shit out of me. I’d whack my head with the book, so I’d be asleep the whole fucking trip.


listening to: Mariah Carey – Touch My Body

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