ITR Shit

Death to BIR.

I had to get up at 5am today just to be at the Atrium before 8 to file my ITR. Damn late HR notices. Damn dead lines. Damn taxes! I got there before 8 and an old lady officer told me that I have to pay P2,558 because of a remittance discrepancy with my former employer. I was not at all expecting that I had to pay for anything, so I didn’t bring money. The only ATM card I brought was the BPI Express. I told her I had to wait for the pay out first and I’d just go back after lunch.

I cursed all the corrupt politicians I could think of on my way back to the office. I cursed pretty much all of them. I also had a sudden propensity to bitchslap all the orcs rallying against the government. Mga punyeta, ang kakapal ng mukha magrally, hindi naman nagbabayad ng buwis. I wanted to drag their sordid bodies on roads that are waiting to be fixed by the equally corrupt government commissioned contractors.

I sought advice from the HR and one of them said that I should talk to the Finance people. I asked if I can get away with not filing my ITR today and just have the BIR deduct the discrepancy from my salary, but my NFFFF (New Found Friend From Finance hehehe) Ena said that the BIR couldn’t do that and I just had to file it today.

I heard one of them suggest late filing.

Late filing? No way. Penalty was not an option, because when I called Rentas Internas, a caffeine-high lady explained that the 2.5kiao  I owe them would balloon up to 4K. Blame it on compromise, interest, and surcharge. Late filing? Again, no fucking way.

Ena texted me 11ish that the pay’s already out and I rushed back to the Atrium with my hard-earned money. (Yeah, yeah, hard is relative.) I went to the 5th floor to look for the lady I spoke with in the morning. She wasn’t there. I must have done something right in my life! The OIC asked me if I needed assistance and I told her that I don’t know shit about ITR filing. I showed her my cedula, Forms 2316 and 1700.

“Why do you have to pay P2,500?”
“Exactly the question I had in mind.”
“You don’t have to pay this. Who made this computation for you?”
“The old lady that was here this morning. I didn’t get her name.”
“Well, you don’t have to pay anything.”
“That’s the best thing I heard all morning!”

Of course, I didn’t ask any more questions. Wala akong babayaran. Good enough for me!

So there. I repeat, DEATH TO BIR, except to this lady. Her name is Aileen. If you happen to need anything from the BIR at the Makati Atrium, look for her on the 5th floor.

Tell her I said hi!


listening to: Fergie – Big Girls Don’t Cry

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  1. allergic din ako sa BIR.. i hate it that they get my hard earn money automatically.. then when i eat outside, they also get some of what i pay, then when i buy something, they still get what i pay…

    taxes taxes everywhere, where does it go?

    obviously not to the road improvement

  2. every move eh noh? bwiset. bwiset talaga! dapat magkaron na lang ng isang araw for tax refund. at dapat maging HOLIDAY yun! oh that will be my favorite holiday if ever…

  3. My God. Thank heavens I need not to deal with ITR taxes YET here in manila but God forbid, having to fix my taxes (for the states) was something else! I had to pay an accountant to fix everything since I myself don’t know ANYTHING and its my first time to file.. Buti nalang may ONLINE TAX FILING! Hail, Hail Hail!

    But only in the pilipins, D’yos ko day! pra naman may refund back na makukuha dito! tss!

  4. hayyy… hassle, kasi last thursday, BIR people went to our office already for a fast track process. unfortunately, our sub-dept didnt get looped in the e-mail. so we only found out about the filing yesterday. substituted filing sana, but i have to be more than a year in the company for that.

    online tax filing! huwaw! sana umuso dito sa pinas yan!

    in fairness and in fairview, nararamdaman ko naman ang tax refund, especially last january. ang saya! :D~~

  5. pinaguusapan namen nung isang araw kung magkano ang percent na kaltas sa sahod dito sa pilipinas. may idea ka ba?

  6. it depends how much you’re making…

    pag above 10,000 but below 30,000, 15% yata. i’ll check my form later. 🙂

  7. talaga nakakaramdam ng tax refund dito? 🙂 UY UY UY! Shining moment of delight, you’re the first who said in fairness, in fairview.. naramdaman mo

  8. Same day pala tayo nahassle. You filing your taxes, me filing my PRC application. Bwisit talaga ang gobyerno! SO much hassle!

  9. guia: hay nako…. prc. grabe , i went there before for my licensure exam requirements. arrrgh! exag ang pila. nahilo ako.


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