Über Pahabol Birthday Pics

Second cousin Miki asked if she could still post (waaaay) overdue pics from my 26th birthday.

I naturally said yes. With a pahabol, “Even if it’s going to make me cry.”

Haha, as if. It’s been what? Four months! i’m done ranting about it. Memories have been filtered. I only think of the good stuff now.

Like beer, friends, and hotdogs.  :-p


Iya, Miki and Britney (the cd from Joko, hehe)

Donnie, Bday Girl Iya, and Sandro


dream . glee . drunk


shutter . amazing . tutorial


superstar . 26 . skt

girls from the hidden Incubus Sunken Garden concert 🙂

Happy then(?) Happy now (!)

Thanks Mikiboo!


listening to: Incubus – Like a Virgin

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  1. ikstopanor

     /  April 23, 2008

    kapatid, your boobs are gettin’ bigger! waaaah! =))

  2. i heart you, second cousin!

  3. ron: i know right. amazing. hahaha!

    miki: i heart you, too, my half-britain second cousin! mwehehehe!

  4. ganda naman ng bday party dress mo. at ang taray ng legs ng lola. hehe!

  5. thanks bonnie! 😛

  6. looks like you had so much fun.. 🙂

    i’m loving the dress!

  7. infairviewwww… cutey patutueeeyy the dresssyy!

  8. at.. ang cleavaaage! 🙂


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