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This is my last weekend here in BF and I’m spending dinner here at Tita Cay’s with Cara and Mikel. Blog blog muna while waiting for the torta to cook.

Earlier, went to the mall with my folks, early Father’s Day celeb. Ate my dad’s favorite pinoy dishes. Shopped for them and Tita Nida. Watched Ate Shawie’s movie, Caregiver.

Saw Sir Padolina from Bene and he said I should teach in my alma mater.

Well well well… that’s the original plan but with the fulltime job, change of address, and not wanting to be in the same city with a certain person… teaching in Bene has turned into a big blur.

Oh well. More of my thoughts about teaching again next time.


=`( A Prayer for Aaron =`(

1 hurt as man holds bus passengers hostage in Pampanga

Initial radio reports said the victims were on board a Bataan-bound Genesis Transport bus with body number 1881 when the hostage drama happened in Lourdes village at around 1:45 p.m.

The radio report added that the local police have already rescued 27 passengers while three more people are still being held hostage as of posting time.

The three were reportedly trapped after the fleeing passengers accidentally pushed the button that controls the bus’ door, the report said.

Initial reports said that the man initially declared a holdup before asking the driver to stop the bus (TVJ 284) while it was traveling along Gapan-Olangapo Road in Lubao, Pampanga. The bus stopped near the Lauc Pau Church in Barangay Lourdes.

The report quoted Riza Moises, owner and operator of the bus line, as saying that the suspected hostage-taker, who boarded the bus in Manila, seemed “deranged.”

Authorities have yet to determine the demands of the man based on the piece of paper that he hurled toward the rescuers.

The highway has already been closed to traffic while authorities negotiate with the armed suspect.

Lubao is a first-class municipality in the southern part of Pampanga province with a population of 125,699 people living in 23,446 households. – Mark Merueñas, GMANews.TV





Better zero than negative.

“I don’t know.”

That’s what Zac, one of my closest boybuds, told me when I asked him why he’s still in a relationship with Anne. Aside from being a merciless nag, she’s a shameless cheater. She’s a materialistic bitch and an untrusting user. She’s not that pretty, not that smart, and definitely not that nice.

And she looks as if she’s a deadfish in bed.


But well, they’ve been together for almost a decade now. Maybe they were madly in love with each other before. Time necissated that they grow up and grow apart. Time made them fall in love and now it’s time to fall apart.  I asked Zac if he’s still with Anne because of practicality, obsession, familiarity, or consolation.

He  just said he already wants out.

But he’s still there and I don’t know why.


“Sometimes, it’s easier to let the one you love go not knowing the real reason… because it’ll surely hurt more when you find it unreasonable.”



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Counting The Days

Went to Jap’s house last night for the laing and crispy tilapia. I ate a lot coz that’s my last impromptu eat-and-run in their house.

Haaaayyy… another thing I’d miss after the move-out. :,(

Anyhoodles, here are some pics from the my last spontaneous drinking sesh in BF last Tuesday with Besty Jap Jap and KC (not Concepcion, not and Jojo, but Velhagen, hehe).

The I’m-still-sober pose…

LSS represent!


Doña Jap :p

Requested by Trigger-Happy jap

Ituloy na lang ito sa Manda!


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I won the bet!!!

10 hours ago

My YM status: Dear Lord, Please let David Cook win. My life depends on it. Love lots, Iya

Oryx: Baket?!?!?!
Iya: Aside from the fact that I am madly in love with Cook and his facial hair, nakipagpustahan ako eh.
Oryx: Ano wager?
Iya: Basta, malupet.
Oryx: Eh sorry ka na lang. Nag-novena na ako for 9 days para si David Archuleta ang manalo!
Me: Bad ka!
Oryx: Bumisita pa ako sa Black Nazarene para si David Archuleta ang maging winner!
Me: You’re hurting me!
Oryx: If I were you, magdasal ka na sa mga santo. Unahin mo na si Sta. Filomena!
Me: Ite-threaten ko na lang si Lucifer. I’m not going to take over hell kung gagawin niya ang lahat ng paraan para si David Cook ang manalo.
Oryx: Mate-threaten talaga siya d’yan! Hahaha!

10 minutes ago…

*ring riiiing riiiiiing*

Mama: Anak! Nanalo si David!
Me: Waaaah! Sinong David?!?!?!?!?
Mama: Yung matangkad!
Me: Height is relative! Sinong David?!@#@!!!!???
Mama: Yung balbas sarado!
Me: Yaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhoooooooooooo! This is the happiest day of my liiiiiiiiiife!!! I love you, Mama ko!!!!!!
Mama: Anak… OA ka.


Basta. Ako ay natutuwa, nagagalak, napapa-tumbling sa pagkapanalo ni Cookie!





I do hope David Archuleta won’t get major ass-whooping from his fugly, overbearing backstage father!

He can blame it on Simon’s kiss of death. Knockout pala ha. Hahaha!!


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Baby is overrated.

Jean, ex-boyf of my friend Carrie just added me in Friendster. I was trying to recall his complete name. Instead, I remembered what they called each other eons ago.

Munchkin and Ketchup.

WTF? Pocketful of bile!!!

May scarcity ba ng baby, sweetie, o honey noon? Blllleccchh!

I asked them why they chose those hideous, out of orbit terms of endearment. They simply said it had something to do with how they met each other.

Oh, I can only speculate that it had something to do with eating munchkins dunked in ketchup during their first (movie) date, Meet the Parents.

Jean already saw the movie when he asked Carrie out. Little did he know that she watched it on vcd before it came out in cinemas. Awww… lying for love.

Again, pocketful of bile!!!

Hmmm… when they remember those times, do they have the urge to immediately kill themselves?

Just wondering.


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Tingin, Punit, at Tapon

Sentimental akong tao.

Mahilig ako magtago ng mga bagay-bagay na nakakapagpaalala sa akin ng mga espesyal na tao at magagandang pangyayari sa aking buhay. Minsan nga kahit hindi kagandahan ang pangyayari at kahit na putanginang tao ang nagbigay sa’kin nung gamit, tinatago ko pa rin. Emotional-masochist kasi ako… dati.

Dahil sa nalalapit ko nang paglipat sa Mandaluyong, kailangan ko nang bawasan ang mga gamit ko, dahil sumasakit na ang ulo ko sa pagliligpit. Madali lang magbawas ng mga damit, bags at libro. Kalahati siguro ng mga ito ay ipapadala ko sa simbahan, at bahala na ang mga fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters doon na magpamigay nito sa mga nangangailangan.

Nahirapan lang ako nung nakita ko ang mahigit-kumulang isang dosena kong diaries at kahon-kahon na mga litrato. Alangan namang dalhin ko pa ang mga yon sa Manda. At mas lalo namang hindi ko yon ipapadala sa mga magulang ko sa Bataan. Binasa ko ang mangilan-ngilang pahina nga mga diaries at pinagtatatapon ko na ang mga naisulat ko mula nung grade 4 to 3rd yr college ako.

Sa mga diaries ko, pinili ko na lang na hindi punitin at itapon ‘yung 4th yr college, kasi paalala yon na naging almost-perfect pala ang buhay ko. Masaya ako sa school at dumi-dean’s list pa, masaya ako sa church at umaalive-alive pa sa LSS, masaya ako sa bahay at di nakakaaway sila Mama at Daddy, masaya ako sa barkada dahil sa sandamakmak na mga kalokohan namin, at masaya ako sa lovelife nung mga panahong early to midstages pa namin ng bf ko noon.

Sa mga litrato naman, pinagpupunit ko na ‘yung mga walang kasaysayan tulad ng mga gradpics ng mga classmates na hindi ko naman maalala (note to self, pag nagka-anak ako, sasabihan ko sya na wag mamigay ng gradpics), mga pictures namin ng mga bastard exes ko (hindi ko lang pinunit, sinunog ko pa), at mga pa-cute pics ko ng late gradeschool to highschool (dahil kahit anong pa-cute eh hindi ako naging cute).

May isang bulto ng mga memorabilia na hindi ko pa alam kung ano ang gagawin ko hanggang ngayon. Hundreds of pictures, video at audio files na nasa cd, mga tuyong bulaklak, at mangilan-ngilang sulat ang laman. Alam kong dapat ko nang dispatchahin pero parang hindi ko pa kaya. Ipadala ko na lang kaya sa kanya? Siya na lang ang sumira at bumasura? Paniguradong makakahinga siya nang maluwag kung mawala ang mga ito sa mundo.

Nakakatawa, kahit naman pasabugin ko pa ang mga memorabilia na nasa akin, para namang mawawala sila sa utak ko.

At para namang mawawala sila sa bagong bili kong 2 gig flash drive.

O sha sha, teka lang. Babalik muna ako sa pag-eempake.


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2 Weeks 2 Go

Woe is me.  I have not blogged anything decent for the past few and I have my paucity of raw talent and meagerness of quality time to credit.

Been engaged in important things that are reviving my gastritis attacks. While the Chinese are distraught because of the earthquake aftermath, and the Burmese because of the cyclone, I am frenzied by the Big Move-Out.

At the onset, I was thrilled to be leaving the South. I thought I spent too many years, 16 to be exact, being southside-steady. I was ready to break out of the BF-Bubble and enjoy the North (of the metro) way of life.

The idea of living in Mandaluyong 2 weeks from now with my cousins,  visiting Ate Bec in Katipunan, spending Saturday mornings jogging in UPDil, foodtripping in Tomas Morato, beer guzzling in Metrowalk all appealed to me– until I spent one night in Bicutan with two of my best girlfriends, Jap and Yo. We spent the evening bonding over boys, career, and kalokohan- something that we didn’t get to do much in our Bataan trip. I thought, when I leave Paranaque, Yo will be going to Jap’s house without me. They’ll be talking about the things I also want to talk about while I juggle building my career and budgeting my finances in Mandaluyong. If I get to be lucky, they might just include me through a phone patch interview. Jealous much? Boo hoo. 😦

And when I was on my way to BF last night, I looked at the old and new establishments along Aguirre. All are too familiar, yet strangely comforting. How I will miss the spur of the moment drinking sessions in Tides and N-los! I wouldn’t be even there to see The Pergola Mall flourish.  😦

It’s not like I’m never going back to the South, I’m just feeling a scrap of misery ‘coz of the budding separation anxiety. And worse, I’m having trouble which place I am to consider home.

I’ll be damned if I can’t be forced to good by the Big Move-Out. Mum’s already fretful that I might spend too much time out of the pad partying and destroying my life. I told her with utmost confidence that I’m already 26 and I’d be an idiota and a half if I decide to fuck up my life at this stage. But admittedly, I still need her to remind me to take my vitamins religiously and to coach me on how to properly hasang a fish. :p

I’m sleeping over at Manda tonight so that I can check out the room I am going to stay in. In the coming days, I will finish packing the things I will bring there and sending to our house in Bataan. (Post about my parents moving back to Bataan soon.) I’d also be preoccupied shopping for stuff like a new bed, dvd player, junkfood healthy tummy staples, and booze. Yeah, I’m not going to cross the last thing out. Haha. Don’t tell my mommy. :p


I digress, David vs David in the A.I. Finale! Cookie, beat the crap out of Archie!


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She said,

“I just followed your briliant example.”

Overkill? Haha.


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