BeachTrip2K8 : Part III

Day 2 of the BataanBeachTrip, I woke up at 7am to get ready for my pamamalengke. Mga pakkshucks na mga BB na kabarkada. Mga tulog mantika! BB is Buhay baboy nga pala. I was still half lango when I went to the market, but that didn’t hinder me from selecting only the freshest produce. I went to Poblacion with Mutya, my inaanak-slash-cousin so that I’d have someone to take pics and Tita Nida, my mommy’s cousin-slash-bff so that I have someone to haggle. :p


I bought dalagang bukid, bangus, hipon, alimasag, pusit, pakwan, porkchops, hotdogs, and a bunch of veggies. Also scored some pan de sal and spanish bread from my Uncle’s bakery.

When I got back to the resort, my Lola was already there. She gave us some cassava cake and biko for breakfast. Nawindang ako sa good morning question niya sa akin na, “Apo, asan ang baraha? Sabi mo sa akin kagabi, magtotong-its tayo!”

Weh, Lola, picture-picture na lang tayo. After a loooong preparation, we were all set to go to Gantuan. I said a little prayer for me, because boat rides scare me shitless.


We visited the Pawikan Center first to check if they’re still alive after PGMA visited them last March. Ok naman. Buhay pa naman sila and hindi naman naging antisocial. Hehe.

The boat ride was enjoyable. The sights and sounds relaxed me. Partida pa ‘yan kasi I forgot to take Bonamine. Ang ganda ng Morong. It’s not a popular place to go to, but it’s definitely a place worth visiting. FYI: dun nga pala ang shooting ng GMA 7’s Dyesebel.


We were a bit disappointed when we arrived at Gantuan. The sand wasn’t as clean as EastWest. The water was a bit irritating to the skin, parang may small whathaveyous na nangangagat.  But anyhoodles, my favorite pictures were taken there, so keri lang.

After the photo opp, we went back to the resort for yet another late lunch.


Amazing. Marunong nga talagang maghasang ng fish si Levi. Hahaha.


About the pics: 1st row, pics from the Morong Wet Market and our breakfast. 2nd row, Pawikan Center and boatride. 3rd row, Gantuan Beach. 4th row, Saturday late lunch.


listening to: Maroon 5 – Makes Me Wonder

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  1. anu be! di ganyan humawak ng talong! 😛

  2. sakyan mo na lang ang dalagang pilipina style ko. :p


  3. dalagang pilipina? hallerr! ang pag hawak mo ng pakwan iha. hahaha!

  4. luckydee

     /  May 4, 2008

    seafoods….. seafoods….. seafoods…… kailangan ko na talaga makasa sa pagbabalik! just dont make me tanggal the yucky gills of the fish! :p

  5. Yo

     /  May 4, 2008

    ang feeling mo herbs! ano ka ba laking palenge ka kaya!


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