ring ring ring riiiiiiiiiiiiing riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!

I rubbed my eyes, checked my bedside clock, saw that it’s only 6am, muttered a few expletives,

riiiing riiiiing riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing

and checked my phone to see who was calling me this early.

hewhomustnotbenamed calling

I looked at my cellphone and waited for “1 missed call’ to appear on the screen. When it did, I got up and took a cold shower.

While massaging conditioner onto my scalp in circles, I contemplated on returning his call. What for? Exactly. I don’t even know what his call was for. After not talking to me for more than I can bear? What am I, an afterthought?!?!!! He’s insane. Insaaaaaannnnne!

But my insanity level’s way higher.

After 30 minutes of weighing the pros and cons of one teeny action, I called him up.

riiing, riiiing, riiiing, riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing

It also turned into “1 missed call”.

Moral of the story: Pag tinatawagan, sagutin agad. Wag nang magmaganda para di magtaka.



listening to: Case – Missing You

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  1. the games men and women play.. :-/

    just try not to dwell on it, para hindi ka na masyado mag-isip.

  2. gina

     /  May 5, 2008

    do you still plan to talk to him? eliminate the whatmighthavebeens! đŸ™‚

  3. ikstopanor

     /  May 5, 2008

    ouch. same thing happened to me.
    pfftt =/

  4. bwahahhaa, kudos. galing netong post na toh, hehehhe

  5. liz: thats why i blogged abt it, so that hindi ako matuluyang mabaliw! :p

    gina: yeah we still talk. mwahaha.

    ron: badtrip noh?

    clio: thanks! đŸ™‚


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