To You, You, and You

I deleted a post that offended the sensibilities of some people. People that I don’t even know.

I’m not really sure why I deleted it. Maybe because I realized that I shouldn’t have even posted it in the first place. I could really be mean sometimes. Of course I’m not saying it’s right, but hey, it happens! I just want to clarify that I bashed what the person did or did not do, just like half of the population who saw her on TV. But then again, this is my blog and I shouldn’t really care what I dish out or not.

The better of me won. Yeah, so like what I just said, I deleted the entry. I guess that’s the right thing to do.

My sincerest apologies to those I offended.


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  1. luckydee

     /  May 6, 2008

    i dont get this post. its not like you were the only one who reacted to it. light nga lang yung reaction mo compared to other people na sobrang harsh ng mga comments!

  2. kAt^me0w

     /  May 6, 2008

    nice, ate iya. 🙂 i love it that instead of making matters worse, you are ready to own up to whatever you feel you shouldnt have done and be humble enough to try to set things straight.

  3. rhapsody

     /  May 6, 2008

    hmmmm na-late ako… di ko yata nakita ung post na un… 😦


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