Updates, Just Updates

work’s becoming rigid. everything’s regulated now. the shift, the call-outs, the breaks, the internet usage… *gasp* intenet usage!!!! and i quote one of my colleague’s YM status, “minimum supervision but all eyes on you.” uggghhh… i’m just grateful that i work with a fantastic team– responsible yet pasaway in some areas– like me!

robert and i made a pact that we’re not going to use the elevator anymore, unless we’re about to be late for work. our office is located at the 7th floor so it’s good enough exercise for now. i still have to lose the 5lbs i gained from the bataan trip.

dinner and coffee with the besty. she surprised me with this question, “iya, if you were to change something about me, what would it be?” i told her that i just want her to be assertive. that i want her to have a bigger appetite for the opportunities around her.” hmmm… perhaps i should follow my own advice.

we’re moving out of bf homes soon and i dont know if my parents are already sure of the faaaarrrr-north move. me, i’m 99.99% sure that i’m bringing my ass to my tita’s pad in mandaluyong. i’ll be living there with 2 of my cousins, Yen and Maffy. i can’t wait! i’m going to buy me a new bed! wheee!

he’s a retard but i miss him anyway. i want him to become a bum… errr… home-based again and just spend all his time talking to me. i want our arguments back. i want things the way they were before. i want my shock absorber back. 😦

i remembered him the other day because i heard sean kingston’s beautiful girls on the radio. (he sang it to me the day we parted ways. hahaha how fitting… not!) i wonder how he is. i hope he’s ok. i miss him. i miss him a lot– more than i miss richard! sometimes i feel like calling him when i need someone to talk to, someone who’d understand. i just continuously resist the temptation because by now, he might not be able to understand anymore. or he might not even care at all. 😦 😦

i have become an emotional eater. i eat when i’m happy. i eat when i’m sad. haha. patay tayo d’yan!

it’s my ex-boyf’s 26th year of existence today. my wish for him is that, wag na sana siyang mangolekta ng mga ex. hahahaha!


listening to: JLo – I’m Real

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  1. kAt^me0w

     /  May 11, 2008

    reaction to everything…

    regulated internet usage!!!! *quadruple gasp*

    i dont see the need for u to lose weight. sexy ka na!!!

    i dont like the food from bastille. sa dona soledad yan right?

    hahahahahahah na-excite sa bed-buying!

    hala ka pag nabasa nya yan!


    nakakatawa yang emotional eater defenition na yan!

    yiheee ano gift mo sa kanya?

  2. gina

     /  May 11, 2008

    where in mandaluyong?

    kat’s right. you dont need to shed even a single pound!

    happy mother’s day to your mommy!

  3. KAT:

    i dont like the food from bastille. sa dona soledad yan right?—> yes, it’s along dona soledad. i didn’t like the food that much either. the bologna sandwich, puttanesca, and red iced tea were just so-so. jap seems to be enjoying their coffee mixes though. she frequents bastille…

    hala ka pag nabasa nya yan!—> he does not read my blog. and even if he does, so what. richard billones is a taaaaaaardddd!!! that i miss!!! hahahaha sabay may pahabol eh noh. :p

    yiheee ano gift mo sa kanya?—> nothing! i dont know what he wants.



    haha, kat’s just patronizing me just like she always does! don’t listen to her.

    happy mommy’s day to your mommy as well! 🙂


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