Baby is overrated.

Jean, ex-boyf of my friend Carrie just added me in Friendster. I was trying to recall his complete name. Instead, I remembered what they called each other eons ago.

Munchkin and Ketchup.

WTF? Pocketful of bile!!!

May scarcity ba ng baby, sweetie, o honey noon? Blllleccchh!

I asked them why they chose those hideous, out of orbit terms of endearment. They simply said it had something to do with how they met each other.

Oh, I can only speculate that it had something to do with eating munchkins dunked in ketchup during their first (movie) date, Meet the Parents.

Jean already saw the movie when he asked Carrie out. Little did he know that she watched it on vcd before it came out in cinemas. Awww… lying for love.

Again, pocketful of bile!!!

Hmmm… when they remember those times,┬ádo they have the urge to immediately kill themselves?

Just wondering.


listening to: Angela Bofill – You Should Know By Now

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