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Mina passed! She’ll start training with us next week! 🙂

From giving grades to offering jobs. Ain’t life grand? 🙂



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Phone Interview

IYA SANTOS (me, you fool)

Applicant for CSR post

blah blah blah company background, basic info blah blah blah

Me: Are you already a college graduate?
Mina: No, ma’am. I only reached up to 4th year college. I took up Nursing from Perpetual Help College of Manila.
Me: PHCM? Really?
Mina: Yes, ma’am.
Me: Nera, Nera, Nera… were you class president?
Mina: Yes, ma’am… how’d you…
Me: I think you were my student…
Mina: OMG!!! Ma’am Iya!!!!!

yada yada yada positive qualities, pronunciation exercises yada yada yada

Me: That concludes the initial interview. Congratulations, you passed! I’d like to invite you for the next step which is the verbal assessment. Would you be available tomorrow? If so, what time?
Mina: Morning ma’am, 9:00.
Me: Haha, are you sure you can make it 9? You were always late for class then…
Mina: Hahaha, I promise not to be late tomorrow, ma’am!

How astig is that? I interviewed and qualified a former student and I’m seeing her tomorrow for the VA. I’ll whack her with the IELTS module if she fails tomorrow’s exam.

I shouldn’t be worried. I taught her well. 😉



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Good morning greetings are back. 🙂

Thanks Joko for posing with one of my longlostcrushies slash longlostfriends in your newfoundfriend slash newfoundcrushie’s surprise birthday par-tey. I love you forever.

I love you even if you nearly gave me a stroke last night when you gave him the phone.


Thanks Kassy for not missing this moment and taking time to send this to me right before the Zambales trip that I could not join.

Most def better than breakfast!

Abot kisame ang ngiti ko. 😀


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Parang mali…

About Friday, I hope you made the right choice. I hope it will be worth it.

– my cousin, Ma. Victoria Paguio Santos


Now I feel like being with my girls instead.

I’m a girl. I’m entitled to change my mind.



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Clueless V-Cut Liechtenstein

I got this from Sab who got this from Nikki who got this from Jheng who got this from Sophie who got this from…

See? Everyone’s connected. Don’t you just love getting entagled in the world wide web?

I do!

What were you doing ten years ago?
I was in my 1st sem of 1st year college in St Benedict College (formerly known as Benedictine Abbey School, now known as San Beda College – Alabang). If I can remember it right, it was sometime June when I first had my police encounter due to overspeeding (with the stoplight on red) and drug possession (merry jane). FYI: I wasn’t the one driving that cherry red Accord. I wasn’t doing drugs, at least not after 2 more years. I put the blame on Mark and Vina. Tsk, tsk. Bad influences! I was just an innocent passenger with nothing better to do. Haha, talk about absence of internal locus of control. :p

What are five things on your to-do list today?
1. Interview applicants.
2. Do background check of trainees.
3. Cook dinner. Creamy spaghetti and bruschetta!
4. Watch debedes. Rent and Clueless.
5. Write my next poem: Non-Linear Love Affair.

Snacks you enjoy?
1. Isaw baboy from Kalayaan or Ilang, UP Diliman.
2. Iskrambol from any kanto. The dirtier, the better. Hahaha.
3. Razon’s Halo-halo!
4. V-Cut, Lucky Me pancit canton, E-Aji chips, Tostillas, and
5. Shawarma!!! Extra cheese! Extra garlic sauce!

Places you’ve lived?
1. Mariveles, Bataan (10 years)
2. Tunasan, Muntinlupa (1 year)
3. BF Executive Triangle, Las Pinas (7 years)
4. BF Homes, Pque (8 years)
5. UP Village, Diliman, QC (grad school years)
6. Plainview, Mandaluyong (present)
7. Morong, Bataan (present)
8. PARALLEL UNIVERSE (all my life)

What are 5 things you would do if you were a billionaire?
1. Do everything in my power to meet Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Christian Bale, Channing Tatum, Shirley Manson, Ellen Degeneres, and Miley Cyrus.

2. Visit the following: Fiji Islands (to check if there are really cannibals there, will bring a shotgun just in case), Prague (because I fell in love with it when I watched Queen Latiffah’s The Last Holiday), Sydney (to whoop Voltaire’s ass), Scotland (to look for the Loch Ness monster), Tokyo or Osaka (to visit my Lolo Yamada, indulge in platefuls of sushi, unagi, and gyoza, and watch Puffy AmiYumi), Sicily (to join the Mafia and make HIM an offer he can’t refuse), and Liechtenstein (just because the name kicks major ass)

3. Buy houses. Yes, house in plural form. In Tagaytay, Paranaque, Bataan, and the places I mentioned in no.2. Well, except in Liechtenstein. Too hard to spell.

4. Donate to charity. Anything that has to do with educating the financially challenged but intellectually gifted youth of the world.

5. Buy a baby tiger. I’ve always wanted one.

People you want to know more about?
1. See no. 1 of previous question.
2. My crushies. Ahemmmm. Yiheeeee! *blush*
3. Aldo Carrascoso (Where the hell are you?)
4. My great-grandparents.
5. MYSELF. I can never get enough of me.

I’m tagging anyone who’s into introspection or has got nothing better to do.

That means YOU! Yes, you who are denying the obvious!



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MYX Bar Tour * Saguijo 061908

Eto na ang chismis– este updates– through pictures as promised.

MYX Bar Tour Line-Up * Hilera * Chicosci * Taken By Cars

Generation Gap (Maffy, Me, LOLO Chuck, Miki, Carla) * with recycled crush Tutti Caringal hehe * i heart Raimund Marasigan * Tutti, what’s that date drug?

Iya and Stella * Maffy and her not so innocent iced tea * Sandwich! * Happy Cousins * with Jokoness and Carlabee * clapping for Mong

Harrassment Haha * Wheee for Silent Sanctuary’s Anjo * Vj Sanya * Ney The Kid * Boss Kassy * with Mr. Isidro (Fortuner, hindi wheelchair. Hahaha!)


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Before the icing hits the cake

Rob said my reaction to the whole “who’s this” shebang yesterday was irrational. Why didn’t I even give the schmuck the benefit of the doubt, he argued. He reminded me that he lost his mobile phone last month and that, in fact lost all his contacts. Rob said maybe that’s what also happened to the schmuck.

Yeah, yeah. Expect it from men that they will defend each other until the very end regardless of the situation.

Haha, quite a sexist comment, eh?

Oh well, we girls stick together, too!

The MYX bar tour in Saguijo last night was a blast, as expected. Being with my girls, JokoCarlaMikiKassy and my cuz, Maffy was a sanity-saving experience. Except for the part when I needed badly to pee but I couldn’t because Miki was inside– desperately trying to figure out if her bangs was kulot. Vanity over bladder infection, san ka pa? Haha.

Stella Artois. Finally got to try it. It was heaven in a bottle. It is now my favorite beer and I will drink it each time I have money to burn. Ergo, I’ll have it twice in a blue moon. :p

Can’t remember who asked me if the food in Saguijo is any good. We ate pizza, sisig, and salpicao (?) and I have nothing but yumyumyum to say. 🙂 Ask Kassy if the chicken wings something something was delish. Didn’t get to taste it. Rhyme-master Kassy’s worked up an intense appetite last night. For more energy for taking pics!

Pics. I can’t upload anything yet because there are so many things and and people I have to crop. Like Kassy. Hahaha. Singit kasi nang singit. Camwhore, camwhore!!!! (Haha, joke lang Kas. Labshu!) I’d like to thank her anyway for braving the rakrakan crowd in front of the stage to take awesome pictures using Carla’s cam. Carla’s going to upload pics tom. Joko, tonight. So expect a post brimming with peechures tomorrow. *sinister laugh* Watch out for my pic with my recycled crush Tutti.

Tutti. Haha. Paano ko ba naging crush si Mr. Caringal? Kasi all my friends have band crushes tapos ako wala! So the first sexy slash attractive band boy I laid eyes on, yun na. Eh siya yun. Bow. Sexy? Yes naman. Hahaha.

Me introducing Tutti to Maffy last night:

Me: Tutti, this is my cousin Maffy.
Tutti: Hi!
Me: Maffy, this is Tutti, my crush.
Maffy: Haaaaaaaaa?

Sexy and attractive people. Hmmm… I spotted a few last night. I wasn’t in my usual checking-cuties mode last night because I was too busy harrassing Lucas thru text. Lucas is my longlost friend slash neighbor who’s now a doctor. He donated 500 ml of blood yesterday to one of his patients so he couldn’t drink alcohol. No, I’m not exagerrating. He’s a saint just like that. Dr. Lucas Bersamin Jr, if you’re reading this– I miss you! Can’t wait to see you! Penge ng med cert! Bilis. Para makapagfile ako ng SL! Bwahahaha!

I digress. Ooops. :p

Balik sa kwento! Met coolerthantherestoferaserheads Raymund Marasigan of Sandwich. Found Mong Alcaraz too thin. Thought the new girl VJ was pretty but bland. Wondered what JC Cuadrado was doing there. Wowwed by Taken by Cars. Sober-but-acting-drunk texted several people. Tried to relate with new OPM releases.

Aaaaaannnndddd went gaga over Joko’s stories about the Stock Market seminar she attended before the gig. According to the speaker, Mr. Gaite, one should not display cross stitch pieces. It would only show how bakya one is.

I think I’m digressing again.

Weh. I didn’t get to finish the gig. Maf and I left with Chuck right after 6CM’s set. Didn’t get to see Chicosci anymore. Like I care. Didn’t get to see Spongecola either. Because they didn’t show up. Haha.

There’s still Saguijo’s 4th anniv to think about.

Check out the pics tomorrow. 🙂

Happy weekend, everyone!


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