Mmmm… chewable Kremil-S and then some.

Stressing on other people’s health issues has taken a toll on my own well-being.

Was at Tita Cay’s last Saturday night. I knew about Tito Bob’s mild stoke a few months ago but I didn’t know that Tita, my 2nd mum, had highblood a few weeks after her hubby’s attack. Now, they have to lessen (or give up) the things they love: pork, beer, cigz, soda, and coffee. The same things that I knew them for! I am happy-relieved though that they are not being pasaway in avoiding these. Well, except for Tita who banished Coke from her diet, but welcomed Sprite.

Daddy’s aunt, Lola Fanny and her better half, Lolo David held a despedida lunch for us yesterday in their BF HEVA house. I enjoyed the dinuguan + puto and the special bijon guisado immensely! I was in the midst of elders who also enjoyed the lunch but not as much as I did, because they couldn’t eat that much. Lolo David has kidney problems and undergoes dialysis twice a week. Lola Fanny is an insulin-dependent diabetic. When I told Lola that she’s pasaway (she ate at least 5 pieces of puto), she said, “Naku, apo. Mas masama ‘pag wala ng ganang kumain! Now, give me one more puts!” Puts? Hehe, sabi niya eh.

I’m visiting my Aaron later. He’s in the ICU of St. Luke’s. He was transferred there last night from that run of the mill hospital in Lubao. My poor cousin is under a lot of pain. He’s suffering from lung complications because of the chest shot. I remember his mother, Tita Lorna in a fit of hysteria two nights ago when Aaron went from so-so to 50-50. I hope he’s doing better now. I don’t think I can bear seeing him in agony. And I don’t think I can handle seeing my Tita bawl and break down.

Good Lord, help them. I don’t understand why bad things happen to good people. I don’t know if it’s for a kharmic reason or for an educational purpose. I’m not aiming to understand; I don’t think I ever will in this life. But please, Good God, soften the blow and cushion the fall. Be the doctor and medicine to us all, especially to the people I love dearly.

Oh and, please help me with my parents’ health insurance. I have to get the documentation of my Dad’s 2001 gall bladder operation. Plus, Philhealth is being such a bitc… uhhh… such a headache regarding my Mom’s membership.

I’m stressed. Hence, I’m becoming hyperacidic again.

Lord, lead me not into gastritis.

I’m chewing Kremil-S this very moment.

Health is wealth. Cliche but oh so bloody true.


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