Sorta Kinda Updates

As expected, the only common denominator of the past few days is stress. Stress in truckloads! Stress from Aaron fighting for his young life at St. Luke’s. Stress from my parents’ moving to Bataan (oh, the separation axiety)! Stress from people trying to pull me down into their 5-mile diameter shithole. Stress from not being able to reach my self-imposed quota of qualified applicants.

And… stress from not being able to watch Kung Fu Panda last night. =`(

Oh, the stress of being Iya Santos! =p

Haha, but enough with the dramz. The dramaqueen biz is getting old!

Speaking of old (hehe), Besty Jap, who just celebrated her 40th 30th birthday last week, is forcing me to join them in Saguijo on the 27th. I guess this is what I get from asking her to break away from her work-bahay-work-bahay-buy makeup-work-bahay-work-bahay way of living. It’s been soooo long since I last went to a gig. I’m not sure if I’d still be able to take the rakrakan noise of Greyhoundz and the other bands.

Jap’s 30th Bday Salubong * 052708

Hmm… perhaps I should test the waters by going with Joko, Carla, and Miki to 70’s Bistro on the 23rd. I’m not really psyched to see 6CM play, but I do miss the supersteady feel of 70’s.

Anyhoodles, even if I don’t get to see my girls in the 6CM gig, I’ll get to be with them this Monday. It’s Carla’s birthday salubong! She’s turning 27! I’m sure it’ll be a blast, like it always is whenever we get together.

Oh, oh, oh… birthdays! One of my dearest friends, Inez, celebrated her 22nd birthday last June 5. I know she’s been too busy-busyhan ever since she got promoted to QA, too busy to read my blog, but I’ll greet her anyway…


Happy Me and Smiley Inez * Jay-Jay’s 2006

I miss Inez so  much that I wanna go to UP tomorrow so we can attend mass and eat at Chocolate Kiss together. Gaaahd, I miss being able to meet up with friends in a heartbeat!

Well, I did meet up with ate Dons for dinner and coffee a few nights ago, but it’s so easy to see her In Ortigas now that I’m staying in Manda.

Hmmm… maybe I should text her and ask her to watch Kung Fu Panda with me.


Another oh, oh oh!!! I finally got to watch Step Up 2 last night. Thanks RJ for the debede! Hu-waw!!!

Channing Tatum *droools* Robert Hoffman *droools* Briana Evigan *drrrrrrrrrrooooooooools*

Hu-wat? Hahaha! I’m out!



listening to: Patrick and Robert talking about CDRoms

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