Body Malaise and Eggciting Birthday

Body Malaise

I didn’t get to go to work yesterday because of body malaise. Yeah, well that’s what Dr. Lopez – De Leon wrote in the med cert I requested.

Body malaise, body malaise!!! Hangover lang ‘yon!

Had I known I’d be too enervated to go to work, I would have just finished Carla’s 27th Bday Salubong!

Belated happy birthday, CeeBee! I hope you had an eggcellent time!

Eggcellent Bday

I know how to spell excellent, you idiot. There’s just this tradition of Carla’s favorite Cebuano boys to egg down the celebrant, a tradition that they observe without fail.

“Aaawww… for me?” Feelingera mode. :p

Before the egging, we met up at TGIF Glorietta. Before the dinner, Joko, Kassy, and I went to Holland Tulips to get flowers. I suggested to just get leaves for her, because her favorite color is green daw. Joko, being the researcher that she is, argued it’s pink or blue or purple. Stargazers and peonies then! I still think that those were carnations branded as peonies as a ploy to overcharge us. :p

Back to Friday’s. No sharing of food. Ang sumuway, siya magbabayad ng bill! I guess it wasn’t applicable to the Cajun Pasta Kassy and I shared. The boys didn’t have any problems finishing their baby backribs though. Parang ‘di kumain ng 5 weeks! Note to self: learn how to create a more delightful version of Pepper Eater, the tequila-based drink I guzzled.

Monday night at TGIFriday’s with Junjie, Ruben, Fritz, Jovan, Nonoy, Mike, Carla, Joko, Kassy, Miki, Jeman (photog) and Jay (in spirit)

Miki, Mike, and I went to the bar to smoke and we missed the waiters’ birthday song for Carla! Well, who wants to hear Ulan anyway? I’d stay if they sang Can’t Let You Go, though! :p

The Embassy afterdinner plan was abolished (hurrah!!!) and we headed to Off The Grill for the drinking sesh. (Needless to say, I missed Richard to a point of drunk-calling him.) After buckets of Red Horse and platters of oysters, we became borderline rowdy, singinglaughingdancing the night away. The boys impromptu-jammed and sang I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing for CeeBee. Yes and that was after they egged Carla big time.

With my girls Joko, Bday Girl Carla, and Miki

Special thanks to Superman Ruben for bringing pamalit clothes for the birthday girl!

Sorry to Jovan and Kassy for being the H. Joko was the M. Put us together we were MH, as in Malaking Hadlang. Sorry again, budding lovers! Wehehe!

To Mikiboo, by the time Carla turns 28, you’d have 417641564463 piercings. Carry on. :p

Do the Japanese! Off The Grill – Timog

To the rest of the boys, especially, Kung Fu Panda Drummer Mike, mga walangya kayo. Bad influence! Sabi nang may pasok pa ako kinabukasan eh! Next time talaga, magyayakult na lang ako!!!

And of course, to Carla Bianca, may you never charge us for your awesomeness and attractiveness. We love you sooo much!


Birthday Girl Carla 🙂

Definitely worth the body malaise.



listening to: Chopin – Minute Waltz

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  1. aww you could’ve stayed but hey, you didn’t miss out on too much anyway, you’re fine 🙂 Except that the birth of GRGS happened after — Mike and his crazy ideas!

    M and H? No! ang MH si J mismo, I couldn’t get to my target which according to Mike I was also a target but other person also laid that Im his target ever since bora. . so goodbye happy person#1 of mine.

    Can’t let a R go, the name. rawr.

    IT WAS SO NICE, IT IS SO GREAT HAVING TO BE WITH YOU AGAIN!! 🙂 Let’s head to the beach next, yes? 🙂

  2. lets go to the beach iya!!
    sama ka ha, for more fun fun fun!

    thank you for the fun bday celebration, kahit egged ako bigtime!

    beach! beach! beach!!

    wag na sama si j! mwahahah!

  3. carla and kassy:

    beach? sige! wag lang impromptu beach trips ha!!!

    wag isama si j? but who will we feed to the sharks? :\

    sino si happy person #1? weh?


  4. HAHAHAHAHHA WINNER!! ” who will we feed to the sharks” Oh yes! 😛

    si happy Person #1 si R 🙂

  5. teka the J na sinasabi ko si Jovan Hahaha 😀

  6. kAt^me0w

     /  June 11, 2008

    ate iya! i miss you! mukhang fun yung bday celebration na yan! 🙂

  7. S

     /  June 11, 2008

    pretty girls! 🙂

  8. body malaise.. hahaha! i like your doctor. 😀

  9. kassy: or ipa-sting sa dikya!!!

    kat: i miss you, too! yep it was funfunfun! 😀

    s: whoever u are, tenchu. :p

    liz: i like him, too. gwapo pa! :p pinoy pierce brosnan!

  10. Mcdreamy? Oh shit! tag him with us para may doctor on call! :))

  11. tanders na sya!!!

    :p early 50’s na siguro! aalamin ko na lang kung may gwapong anak na 20 something! :p


    File a Leave, Come Come Come!! 🙂 this might be the last/first beach trip natin (atleast with me) 😦

  13. ang haba ng comments chenes ni kassy, kahit ako nalito.
    sino si happy person #1.

    had fun ganda! beach trip! sama ka!
    won’t be the same.

    and yes, feed to the sharks, or to me. 😛

  14. carla

     /  November 28, 2010

    best b-day ever!


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