I don’t drink anymore

but I don’t drink any less!

More than half of my 100+ albums in Multiply are about drinking.

Here are some of the pre-bangenge pics. Of course, I’m not going to post the incriminating ones. Haha, and there are so many.

with my Dad * with Debbie and MC * 70’s Bistro with cousins * with my non-biological Tita’s


Gweilos Eastwood * Chef and Brewer with co-trainers * Jap’s bday * 70’s Bistro with ILTD

70’s Bistro again * Maginhawa St. * with the Inner Circle of Nico * with my students

Central with JA and my students * somewhere in QC with Gil and co * Brown with my students * Tides with JA and J3

Tita Cay’s * my 26th Bday * Blue Wave with Gio * Tides with the Boys


my 26th bday with the ex-SKT * with Enzo * Tiananmen with the Recruitment Team * N-Los with Kram


Tides with Anton * Vday at Jap’s * Carlo’s Bday * Lomo Manila Event

Sheeesh. I need a new photo opp.

Eunice, do you have a bright suggestion? Say, something that involves your favorite photographer. :p


listening to: my convo with Eunice on repeat mode in my head

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  1. I know what EUnice will say…

    INOM TAYO!… sa beach 🙂 oh ha, iba naman!

  2. i heart beer!

  3. i have a suggestion! come surfing with us! 🙂 if not for the surfing, then just for the photo-op! 🙂

  4. i wish i can say YES in a heartbeat…. :\

  5. change of dates, there might be some change of date! 🙂 so let me know your “available” lets see if it’ll all match right! lets go!

  6. Booze comin’ right up. Cheers!

  7. i never met an alcoholic i didnt love…. unless theyre guys…

    mahal na kita.. sagot na ba ako?

  8. BOTTOMS UP!!!

  9. koreanmine

     /  June 17, 2008

    living THE Life! kaiinggit!

    kadlasan 2loy, naisip ko na tama yung kanta na …

    “Ano ba talagang mas gus2 ko, ang beer na to o ang pag ibig mo” ..

    kc minsan, confused na din ako, some beer is way so much better than some guys! Kampai! 😀


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