Before the icing hits the cake

Rob said my reaction to the whole “who’s this” shebang yesterday was irrational. Why didn’t I even give the schmuck the benefit of the doubt, he argued. He reminded me that he lost his mobile phone last month and that, in fact lost all his contacts. Rob said maybe that’s what also happened to the schmuck.

Yeah, yeah. Expect it from men that they will defend each other until the very end regardless of the situation.

Haha, quite a sexist comment, eh?

Oh well, we girls stick together, too!

The MYX bar tour in Saguijo last night was a blast, as expected. Being with my girls, JokoCarlaMikiKassy and my cuz, Maffy was a sanity-saving experience. Except for the part when I needed badly to pee but I couldn’t because Miki was inside– desperately trying to figure out if her bangs was kulot. Vanity over bladder infection, san ka pa? Haha.

Stella Artois. Finally got to try it. It was heaven in a bottle. It is now my favorite beer and I will drink it each time I have money to burn. Ergo, I’ll have it twice in a blue moon. :p

Can’t remember who asked me if the food in Saguijo is any good. We ate pizza, sisig, and salpicao (?) and I have nothing but yumyumyum to say. 🙂 Ask Kassy if the chicken wings something something was delish. Didn’t get to taste it. Rhyme-master Kassy’s worked up an intense appetite last night. For more energy for taking pics!

Pics. I can’t upload anything yet because there are so many things and and people I have to crop. Like Kassy. Hahaha. Singit kasi nang singit. Camwhore, camwhore!!!! (Haha, joke lang Kas. Labshu!) I’d like to thank her anyway for braving the rakrakan crowd in front of the stage to take awesome pictures using Carla’s cam. Carla’s going to upload pics tom. Joko, tonight. So expect a post brimming with peechures tomorrow. *sinister laugh* Watch out for my pic with my recycled crush Tutti.

Tutti. Haha. Paano ko ba naging crush si Mr. Caringal? Kasi all my friends have band crushes tapos ako wala! So the first sexy slash attractive band boy I laid eyes on, yun na. Eh siya yun. Bow. Sexy? Yes naman. Hahaha.

Me introducing Tutti to Maffy last night:

Me: Tutti, this is my cousin Maffy.
Tutti: Hi!
Me: Maffy, this is Tutti, my crush.
Maffy: Haaaaaaaaa?

Sexy and attractive people. Hmmm… I spotted a few last night. I wasn’t in my usual checking-cuties mode last night because I was too busy harrassing Lucas thru text. Lucas is my longlost friend slash neighbor who’s now a doctor. He donated 500 ml of blood yesterday to one of his patients so he couldn’t drink alcohol. No, I’m not exagerrating. He’s a saint just like that. Dr. Lucas Bersamin Jr, if you’re reading this– I miss you! Can’t wait to see you! Penge ng med cert! Bilis. Para makapagfile ako ng SL! Bwahahaha!

I digress. Ooops. :p

Balik sa kwento! Met coolerthantherestoferaserheads Raymund Marasigan of Sandwich. Found Mong Alcaraz too thin. Thought the new girl VJ was pretty but bland. Wondered what JC Cuadrado was doing there. Wowwed by Taken by Cars. Sober-but-acting-drunk texted several people. Tried to relate with new OPM releases.

Aaaaaannnndddd went gaga over Joko’s stories about the Stock Market seminar she attended before the gig. According to the speaker, Mr. Gaite, one should not display cross stitch pieces. It would only show how bakya one is.

I think I’m digressing again.

Weh. I didn’t get to finish the gig. Maf and I left with Chuck right after 6CM’s set. Didn’t get to see Chicosci anymore. Like I care. Didn’t get to see Spongecola either. Because they didn’t show up. Haha.

There’s still Saguijo’s 4th anniv to think about.

Check out the pics tomorrow. 🙂

Happy weekend, everyone!


listening to: Sandwich – Procrastinator

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