Clueless V-Cut Liechtenstein

I got this from Sab who got this from Nikki who got this from Jheng who got this from Sophie who got this from…

See? Everyone’s connected. Don’t you just love getting entagled in the world wide web?

I do!

What were you doing ten years ago?
I was in my 1st sem of 1st year college in St Benedict College (formerly known as Benedictine Abbey School, now known as San Beda College – Alabang). If I can remember it right, it was sometime June when I first had my police encounter due to overspeeding (with the stoplight on red) and drug possession (merry jane). FYI: I wasn’t the one driving that cherry red Accord. I wasn’t doing drugs, at least not after 2 more years. I put the blame on Mark and Vina. Tsk, tsk. Bad influences! I was just an innocent passenger with nothing better to do. Haha, talk about absence of internal locus of control. :p

What are five things on your to-do list today?
1. Interview applicants.
2. Do background check of trainees.
3. Cook dinner. Creamy spaghetti and bruschetta!
4. Watch debedes. Rent and Clueless.
5. Write my next poem: Non-Linear Love Affair.

Snacks you enjoy?
1. Isaw baboy from Kalayaan or Ilang, UP Diliman.
2. Iskrambol from any kanto. The dirtier, the better. Hahaha.
3. Razon’s Halo-halo!
4. V-Cut, Lucky Me pancit canton, E-Aji chips, Tostillas, and
5. Shawarma!!! Extra cheese! Extra garlic sauce!

Places you’ve lived?
1. Mariveles, Bataan (10 years)
2. Tunasan, Muntinlupa (1 year)
3. BF Executive Triangle, Las Pinas (7 years)
4. BF Homes, Pque (8 years)
5. UP Village, Diliman, QC (grad school years)
6. Plainview, Mandaluyong (present)
7. Morong, Bataan (present)
8. PARALLEL UNIVERSE (all my life)

What are 5 things you would do if you were a billionaire?
1. Do everything in my power to meet Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Christian Bale, Channing Tatum, Shirley Manson, Ellen Degeneres, and Miley Cyrus.

2. Visit the following: Fiji Islands (to check if there are really cannibals there, will bring a shotgun just in case), Prague (because I fell in love with it when I watched Queen Latiffah’s The Last Holiday), Sydney (to whoop Voltaire’s ass), Scotland (to look for the Loch Ness monster), Tokyo or Osaka (to visit my Lolo Yamada, indulge in platefuls of sushi, unagi, and gyoza, and watch Puffy AmiYumi), Sicily (to join the Mafia and make HIM an offer he can’t refuse), and Liechtenstein (just because the name kicks major ass)

3. Buy houses. Yes, house in plural form. In Tagaytay, Paranaque, Bataan, and the places I mentioned in no.2. Well, except in Liechtenstein. Too hard to spell.

4. Donate to charity. Anything that has to do with educating the financially challenged but intellectually gifted youth of the world.

5. Buy a baby tiger. I’ve always wanted one.

People you want to know more about?
1. See no. 1 of previous question.
2. My crushies. Ahemmmm. Yiheeeee! *blush*
3. Aldo Carrascoso (Where the hell are you?)
4. My great-grandparents.
5. MYSELF. I can never get enough of me.

I’m tagging anyone who’s into introspection or has got nothing better to do.

That means YOU! Yes, you who are denying the obvious!



listening to: a colleague’s twisted version of Jingle Bells (tinker bell, tinker bell…)

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  1. bernee

     /  June 25, 2008

    brilliant! a toast to the girl who never fails to entertain me with her blog!


  2. *Nice police encounter..hehehe… No wheels for me since the last time nabangga ko yung auto sa post ng gate namin. prone to accident kasi akow…

    *Prague is beautiful. Nasa list din yan sa bucketlist namin ni raf, Madonna (love her), and Christian Bale(uuhmm, yummy..), hehehe.

    *Enjoy watching Clueless (“AS IFs” and “DUHs”) and Rent (525 thousand 600 minutes… and La Vie Boheme…)

  3. awww thanks! hahaha for answering the post, based on what you’re doing right now, you are in an HR field as well bossing? lol

  4. BERNEE: thanks for appreciating! *kampai*

    CANDICE: i’ve seen those movies several times. kinakarir ko nga pag-ulit ng mga debede sa bahay. :p another movie i wanna watch again… LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL! aaaayyy ang ganda!

    NIKKI: welcome! tag me anytime. :p yes yes! hr field! recruitment! :p u?

  5. share lang. HR din ako dati. haha! 🙂 nice to know some HR peeps. 🙂

  6. ay bakit dati? ayaw mo na? :\

    sa training/teaching field ako dati. had to stop kasi hindi na kinaya ng powers ko ang pag-uwi ng workload araw-araw. geddemit.

  7. isaw in ilang? wait. ilang is the one near the bookstore and the church right? I never see it anymore, and I don’t like mang Larry’s.

    man. I need my isaw fix.

  8. yep ilang is near the bookstore/church/univ hotel.

    kalayaan isaw i like for snacks.

    ilang isaw i like with rice!

    yumyumyum! isaw + dirty ice cream! wheee!

  9. no, actually i loved it. my dad had me work for him. haay. mostly recruitment too! 🙂 i love meeting cute new hires! haha!

  10. Finch

     /  June 30, 2008

    8. PARALLEL UNIVERSE (all my life) …
    hawkins parallel universe or everett ? lol 🙂

  11. i have always wanted a tiger cub too! 🙂

    anyway, darn.. i need to answer it now. i am doomed!


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