Miki: So text him already.
Iya: I will. In 12 minutes. And if he doesn’t reply
Miki: …….
Iya: I will call him.



listening to: the unbearable silence


Trite, yet odd.

That’s how I see it when a girl tries to pimp, errrr… matchmake, a boy she likes with her friend. If you like someone why not just give it a go, right? Why waste precious kinetic energy just to get your heart trampled on teh moment you find out the object of your affection is also interested with your friend? Unless… you are after the second biggest cliche of love stories!

Boy falls for your friend. Boy asks you to be the bridge. Boy falls in love with you instead.

Get real! This is not a chapter from a pre-adolescent pocketbook.

Don’t give me the bs that you’re pairing him off because you think you two can never be together and that it’s better to just let him go to avoid drama at all costs. The drama begins with you resisting the irresistable, you know?

Don’t also give me your inferiority complex crapola. If you think he’s not going to like you because you’re lessprettylesssmartlesssexylessrichlesskind than your friend, then maybe your problem is that you’re lessconfident.

You see, pimping… errrr matchmaking is tricky. And more often than not, it’s detrimental. What you might think as casual introduction might lead to fatal destruction.

Sure, it might also work.

But would you really risk starting a situation where someone’s heart can suffer?

His? Hers?



I guess you know I’m talking about you and what you tried to do to me and the guy you want to impregnante you and whisk you off to la-la land. I’m not saying what you did is bad. Go back to my first statement. It’s trite and odd. I don’t really know your reasons because you wouldn’t tell me. For your sanity, decide where you want to go. You know I ain’t getting my ass to anywhere you two will be.

Aren’t you glad he’s soooo not my type?

When you’re done jumping for joy and singing praises, go get him. Don’t forget to wear your confidence. 🙂

Oh and for the record, I think you two would look cute together.



listening to: OST – Fiddler on the Roof – Matchmaker

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