The best convo with the parents so far…

So I went home to Bataan over the weekened to visit the folks. We were listening to my Mom’s favorite Sunday radio program by Cory Quirino during lunch. The topic was about smoking.  I almost choked on a pork rib when my Dad asked…

“Nagyoyosi ka pa rin ba?”

Sheer panic.

Daddy quit smoking when he turned 30, same age he married my mother. I remember him threatening  to make a 16-year-old me eat my ciggy butts if I don’t quit the habit. Oh, and when I was 18, he tossed a ream of Marlboro Lights into my room and demanded I finish smoking every single stick within the day. Again, out of immense desperation to make me quit.

Mama has never even tried smoking. We got into a fight because she accidentally (?) read what I stupidly wrote in my diary about my newfound joy. I was 14 then.  She cried frustrated tears the three times I got hospitalized due to gastritis and pneumonia and pleaded I stop smoking because it will only kill me.

I will never be legal to smoke.


“Sha, nagyoyosi ka pa rin ba?”

“Yes, Daddy, pero hindi na ako chain smoker.”

(Eh hindi naman na talaga.)


“Iniinom mo ba yung ascorbic acid mo?

“Yes, Ma. Pag nakalimutan ko sa morning. Dalawa iniinom ko sa gabi.”

“Ok. Wag mong kakalimutan yun. At yang pag-inom at pag-yoyosi mo, bawas-bawasan mo.”

“Yes, Ma.”

Did you see that? Did you see that? 

Mom said bawasan NOT itigil.

I know that they still don’t approve of me smoking, but I’m just relieved that I don’t have to hide, deny, keep mum about this ugly habit anymore.

And because I am an obedient daughter, instead of having 2 ciggies for my afterlunch YB, I only had 1. 🙂


listening to: Wheatus – Teenage Dirtbag

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  1. wow. good girl ka pala, hehehe. jk.
    good luck sa 1 cig afterlunch break. 😉

  2. everything is okay as long as we take vitamin c. 🙂

    i love your parents! i wish they’re mine. hahaha!

  3. kAt^me0w

     /  July 9, 2008

    congrats ate iya! 😀

  4. bat ako nagka gastritis din and pneumonia e di naman ako nagyoyosi? buti pa yatang nag yosi na lang ako para at least may reason… haha! seriously, its a good thing you’re taking care of yourself more… 🙂

  5. you made me miss my mom and our conversations everynight! (she lives in Makati now)

    i had a stick of black colored cigs last Sunday, way bad.
    i’m quitting again.

    but glad to know you’re taking your vitamin C’s! 🙂

  6. kendi: haha oo goodluck talaga. :p raise to 2 pag busog na busog. hahaha!

    sab: oo, kahit world hunger masosolve ng vitamin c. vitamin c is the shit. hehe.

    kat: salamat meowmeow!

    te jovi: baka mas acidic ka lang talaga sakin. mwehehe. in tagalog, mas may asim ka? haha parang ang sagwa ng translation. :p

    joko: black colored ciggie? ano yan? squid tint flavored? hehehe.

  7. I kinda miss the “breathing-down-my-neck” days. Crazy because when I was in high school, they ask, “Anong oras ka uuwi? Umuwi ka ng maaga , ha?” and then they scold me when I’m home past 7pm.

    When I turned 18 they ask, “KAILAN ka uuwi?” And when I come home early the next day, they say, “Ang aga mo yata?’

    Now I’m here in Cebu, many miles away from Nueva Ecija, so they don’t get to do any of those anymore.

  8. iya: have no idea which black something.. dark chocolatey smell. matapang!

  9. RAF: i know what you mean. eto namimiss kong conversation:

    MAMA: baket ngayon ka lang? Alas ocho na ha! sabi mo uuwi ka ng MAAGA????!?!?!?!

    ME: ma, sabi ko UMAGA. hindi umaga!

    MAMA: lumulusot ka pa ha! gagawin mo pa akong bingi!

    *palo sa pwet*

    hehehehe :p

    JOKO: hala ano yun? hala ka… dwugs yun! hihihi!

  10. hahaha! wow!

    your parents are kewl!

    all i can say is, my parents know i NEVER smoked a single stick in my life (hahahaha!).

  11. You’ll eventually let go of smoking.. eventually 🙂

  12. koreanmine

     /  July 13, 2008

    aq, di alam ng parents ko na umiinom ako kc di nila ako nakikita pang lasing 😀 kc pag lasing ako, di ako umuuwi ng bahay 😀 ..

    kya di nila ako pinapagalitan sa pag lalasing kundi sa bisyo kong di pag uwi.. kaya pag aalis ako ng bahay.. ang litanya agad eh ” o kelan mo na nmn balak umuwi? ” 😀

  13. liz: haha thats what they know!

    kass: ang tagal na ebentually nyan ha.

    mine: hahaha parang boarder lang ha! :p


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