What’s worse than drunk dialing?

For the past few I wake up at an indecent hour, fish for one of my cellies, and compose an imprudent sms. I text fast despite the mental inertness. There are also times that I lethargically scroll through my phonebook strangely excited to call anyone.

I have never been able to send an sms or make a successful call, but I know I have to get used to sleeping without my mobile phones by my side starting tonight.

This morning I discovered it wasn’t a bad dream when I drafted this message:

“I want to do it again.”

I will bet my subconsciously promiscuous ass that I almost sleeptexted that to him.

This is bad. Really bad.

Had it been sent, it would have been good. Really good for him.


listening to: the psychotic inner voice laughing

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  1. waaah! haha ;p

  2. drunk texting is worse… it leaves an accurate documentation on the person’s phone (not unless may recorder siya ‘pag tumawag ka).



    at least kung laseng, ibeblame ko sa alcohol. eh eto? san ko ibibintang? waaaaaaaaaah.

  4. aww… yeah. haha!

  5. well, release the inner iya. wahaha.

  6. bernee

     /  July 9, 2008

    so sleeptexting is the worst.

    goodluck iya! 🙂

  7. joko: inner you muna! hahaha! :p

    bernee: salamat, i need that. hehe.

  8. Thank god i do not have that office cutie’s number. yet. LOL.

  9. mas worst pa yan sa nararamdaman ko pala. nagigising ako bigla kasi feeling ko lumilindol, haha! baket di mo sinend? hehe!

  10. oh no oh no oh no. buti na lang.

    why not good for you? 🙂

  11. niki: haha @ yet! :p

    bonnie: lumindol nga ba yesterday?

    sab: it WAS good for me. anyway, things get fugly when feelings threaten to kick in. haha.

  12. oh no. was in the exact same sitch.

  13. inuman na to! :))

  14. OH MY GEE. Sana ang reply, WHere? Hehehehe! 🙂 Joke.

  15. inuman sa BF!! 🙂

  16. kassy otap: and my answer would be , “ANYWHERE.” hahahahaahahahaaaaaa, me thinks i need a pray over. haha.

    sabsabsab: haha, sige ba. lakad na lang sa UP!

  17. i actually do this. lol. i know it’s really bad, and i end up paying for it, but sometimes, it’s just so much fun.

  18. “Alive Alive Jesus is alive.. alive forevermore!!” pwede na ba pray over yun? AHHAHAHAH virtual! virtual! oh geez, mishu! showup sometime sooooooon =)

    insane on the membraneee!

  19. CIG: yahoo! yes!!!! ikaw rin pala eh. yahoooooo im not alone!!!!!

    KASS: may sinabi sakin si ms. giles. may pinaplano ka daw… punta ako. tinatawagan naman kita hindi ka naman sumasagot ng telefanee. :\ otap ka talaga. :\

  20. the inner me will like shout like a banshee

    soon. katakot! wahaha.

  21. koreanmine

     /  July 13, 2008

    drunktxting 😦 bisyo q n ilang beses ko ng ni try itigil yan 😦 hays hirap pag tamang horny sa cuervo 😦
    taz ma22lala kinabukasan pag nabasa q na sent items q 😦

  22. joko: sige kung makita ko yan, ivivideo ko. :))

    mine: but i swear to g i wasnt even horny that time. hahaha anyhoodles, hindi ko na katabi phones ko sa pagtulog. nasa table na sila 3 feet away. :p


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