A Dorothy Moment

Maf asked me while we were walking around town last Saturday if Morong is beginning to feel like home to me, I told her I’ve always loved Morong but because I’ve only been there twice as a resident, it’s too early to call it my home.

My parents, on the other hand seem to be enjoying the provincial life. It’s easy for them to do so since they spent half of their lives away from the metro. Mom’s from Morong, Bataan. Dad’s from Binmaley, Pangasinan.

Me? I still tell people I’m from BF Paranaque. Or Plainview, Mandaluyong.

I left my heart in the South, but these pictures remind me I can have two homes. Even three.


sinalantang gumamela . hilera ng atis . kamias bunch . palmful of labuyo


for kiko matsing . ban mei . the barrio kids

banana heart piece and blossom

one for you, one for me


maf’s backyard . hiu tieu and ban mei dinner . under the mango tree


baby leaf . sweng sweng . happy maffy . guava harvest


i wish i was a lil bit taller, i wish i was a baller.

You know what i wished for?

I wished that wherever I am happy becomes my home.

And I wished to have more moolah to buy a new swimsuit.

Jap and I are going to beachbum in Morong sometime August.

*taps heels together like Dorothy*


listening to: Ne-Yo – Closer

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