I took another personality test c/o Raf and Candice. It’s a type test based on the typology of Carl Gustav Jung. According to the text, I am type RR which means Reliable Realist.

It’s kinda like my MBTI result, ISTJ – Introversion, Sensing, Thinking, Judging. Yeah, I’m done being ENTJ. Only found out yesterday when Joko shared her results. Yes, results. She took 3 mini-online MBTI’s and got different types, haha. So is my friend inclined to MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder)? Uhhh no. No yata. Hehe. It just means online tests aren’t really valid and reliable. Plus, there are a lot of extraneous variables that can affect the taker. Like multitasking the test with chatting in YM, Multiply stalking, YouTube-ing, and surfing porn.

Better go to your school’s guidance center or library or your company’s HR office to take the real thing. 🙂 Now, if I could only find my UP library card…

Anyhoodles, back to the test.

Here’s an excerpt from my profile. The lines in red are those I disagree on; I agree 108% with those in blue.

Reliable Realists are down-to-earth and responsible-minded. They are precise, reserved and demanding. Their most prominent quality is reliability and they will always make every effort to keep any promise given. Reliable Realists are more quiet and serious persons, they do not talk a lot but they are good listeners. They sometimes seem reserved and distant to outsiders although they often have a great deal of wit and esprit.

This personality type not only expects a lot of herself but also of others. Once Reliable Realists have set their mind on something, it is difficult to persuade them otherwise. They do not like to leave anything to chance. Planning means safety to Reliable Realists, as well as order and discipline. They have no problem respecting authorities and hierarchies but do not like to delegate tasks.

In relationships too, Reliable Realists are reliability itself. As partners, they are faithful and consistent, well-balanced and sensible. Security and stability are very important to them. They have little time for extravagances and flightiness. Whoever has them as friend or partner can rely on them for a lifetime. However, it takes quite a while for Reliable Realists to enter into a relationship or friendship.

Adjectives which describe your type
introverted, practical, logical, planning, tradition-conscious, organised, persistent, objective, tidy, conscientious, cautious, loyal, peace-loving, sensible, down-to-earth, responsible-minded, reserved, careful, independent, punctual, precise, demanding, ability to concentrate, trustworthy, pedantic, reliable, persevering

These subjects could interest you
literature, technical activities (model-making), voluntary work, music, trekking, camping, hiking, cooking, drawing/painting, handicraft work, writing, strategy games, politics

Read more?

Take the test?

Yes, bitch. I also am Type-ISTJ.


Get over it.

Another classic example of when you think you know, you don’t.


listening to: Kim Carnes – Bette Davis Eyes

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  1. pat

     /  July 11, 2008

    have you done

  2. *nosebleed* this is why psychologists shouldn’t discuss psychology to us, poor common humans.


  3. Ayan… INTP daw. The site said I share the same clasification with: Isaac Newton, Niels Bohr, C. G. Jung, Michel de Montaigne, Michel Nostradamus, Ada Lovelace.

    okay… ano maidudulot ng pagkakaalam ko nito sa ikauunlad ng aking buhay?


  4. PAT: yep! i’ve answered almost all tickle tests. haha, im a sucker for online exams even if i say they’re not reliable/valid. i have a lot of real psych tests in my possession anyway. :p keepsakes from my previous psychometrics classes. haha!

    here’s something good. try it.


    it’s made by dr. seligman, former APA president and founder of positive psychology. 🙂

    RAF: haha, ouch. im a budding psychologist. :p if i can only finish my thesis. bwahahaha. haha, may 5 years pa ako. :p

  5. we were just talking about this a few days ago!


  6. Hay nice blog.


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