I had my alcohol fix with Francis last Friday in Grilla. It’s weird not knowing where Grilla’s at when it’s just five kembots away from where I work.

I kept my less significant promise to Nico. I drank Pale and Super Dry to post-celebrate his birthday even if we’re hundreds of miles away.

I told Inez I’d go to UP for my much anticipated Acad Oval walk and have coffee with her in Chocolate Kiss or Oz after her football game. I woke up rather late yesterday so I rescheduled. I was up early this morning but the weather was a bitch and I had to raincheck.

Another SatSun watching dvds and reading books.

Yesterday I watched The Godfather (for the nth time) and Chocolat (Chocolates… Johnny Depp… Yuuummm!). Tonight I’m finally watching Wanted (Angelina Jolie… Yuuuummmm! Errr… James Mc Avoy! Yuuuummm!).

My cousin let me borrow Twilight by Stephenie Meyer and I finished it in less than 12 hours. After I watch Wanted, I’m starting New Moon. I can’t wait for Twilight, the film to be released.

Babaw. I can’t believe my dorkiness is exceeding the allowable level.

Excuse me. Have you seen my social life?

I think I dropped my bulk of enthusiasm somewhere.

Last night I caught the better of me asking the wisest being what my purpose is now and what it is that I should do next.

Did I get answer? No.

He’s probably too busy watching dvds, too.


listening to: SWV – Weak

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  1. ang ganda mo iya. 🙂

  2. Heyyy I read a lotta books ah. Don’t make it sound like a bad thing. Haha.
    Is Twilight as good as they’re saying it is? I never picked up the trend eh.

  3. JOKO: wow, thanks! i wish i got to see you guys last fri. i was supposed to go to metrowalk na until you said timog. wehhhh.

    JUNGZX: it becomes a bad thing when it’s all i ever do. 😦
    twilight’s good. hindi naman mind blowing pero nakakakilig naman. im waiting for the film kasi the one who will play edward eh si cedric diggory sa harry potter goblet of fire. ampogi! hihihihi.

  4. jap

     /  July 28, 2008

    if you think your a dark who questions your current social life,
    paano kaya ako?

    well if you really are a dork,
    i’d wanna be a dork too!

  5. jap, you’re already a dork. let’s not expand your dorkiness.

    hihihih. i guess i just miss being in the south, where i can have impromptu get togethers with you guys. 😦

  6. ako rin eh, all for decades na ako metrowalk, kaso biglang sabi rin timog.

    damn men and their fickleness. wahaha.


    nabasa ko twilight, hindi ko alam kung bakit di ko siya mababa, wala namang sex sa book. wahaha.

  7. wafuuu.. 😆
    ang ganda mo mare 😀

  8. my sister got all 3 (or was it 4) books by meyer. i thought it’s for them kids. 🙂

  9. joko: sira! puro kissing nga lang eh noh… though sa book 3 or 4 yata may sex involved na. hahaha. how does one have sex with a vampire kaya? i cant imagine then hardcore sadistahan. hahahaha.

    jeff: thanks! *blush*

    sab: lalabas pa lang yung 4th. 🙂 kid pa rin naman ako eh! hehehehe :p ano ba, sweet valley nga binabasa ko pa rin eh. bwahahahaha.

  10. Well, your social life called and asked to be patched through to you. But I refused, saying you need more quality time with your dibidee.

    If it helps any, it’s now considered hawt to be a dork. =)


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