I couldn’t use the internet in the office anymore. Well, at least until further notice. I finished New Moon today. This no-internet policy will turn me into a bookworm once again. I start with Eclipse tomorrow.

There, just wanted to explain why I wouldn’t be able to comment and bloghop as often as before.

Olats. I’m also sick. I’ve been feverish since Sunday night. I think my toncils are inflamed. Hala sige, yosi pa. Iced tea pa. At hala sige, daldal pa.

I’ve been remembering him a lot lately. Tangina. I’d give anything to have him in my life again.

I don’t give a shit anymore whether it’s right or wrong; permissible or forbidden. All I know is that I want him. I need to be around him. Even for just a fraction of a second. I can settle for half a glimpse.

Fuck, delayed reaction ito ha, pero baka nga mahal ko siya.

Did I say that in jest? Natatawa ako. I guess I’m tired of crying about the miserable truth. Bago ito. Itawa na lang.

Brainspill. Blah blah blah.

Can’t wait to see Joko and Jap tomorrow for dindin, coffee, dessert, and tarot reading!

Gulo noh?

What bitch? I’m sick. Excuuuuuuse me.



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