I blame Jap’s iced coffee for this.

Here I am at Jap’s desperately trying to do something productive when I should be getting some shuteye.

I’ve been awake for almost 24 hours and I still don’t show any signs of drowsiness. Kahit pahapyaw na hikab, wala. My intuition tells me my bestfriend put a teaspoon and a half of methamphetamine in the iced coffee she gave me along with the dulce de leche cake. She probably needs me to stay awake to watch her sleep, make sure nothing bad (or worse) will happen to her. You see, she just had a seizure and banged her face to a piece of forgotten furniture. Now, half of her face is swollen and her left eye looks as if it had been hit by Pac Man. Told her I’d be glad to balance off her features. Sapakin ko na lang ‘yung kabila. She didn’t seem to like the idea. Magdownload na lang daw ako ng ebooks.

Thanks to µTorren, I now have the complete Twilight series. Also Harry Potter. Plus Madonna’s Sex (book, you idiot). I’m still deciding which Neil Gaiman book I should try. Maybe I won’t read Gaiman at all. Hmmm… how about some Ayn Rand? Summon imagination or summon objectivism?

Perhaps I will summon a Chippy! I also have V-cut here. And Coke! Junkfood breakfast is love.

Got around watching in YouTube what I tried to avoid since I knew of its existence. It wasn’t as bad as I thought. The feeling, I mean. Seeing her wretched face did not upset me. Even the kiss she gave him was not enough to make my stomach hurl. Still looks like a deadfish to me.

Bought this month’s Cosmo Phils issue. Waste of money. Same pretentious shit. For the life of me, I can’t figure out what made me buy something with Angel Panganiban as cover girl. Oh well. Hi, I’m Iya the sporadic idiot!

I arrange my clothes according to size, except my undies. I arrange them according to color. Most are black.

I like Obama but I prefer Clinton for the presidency. I just think people held by prejudice would still prefer to respect a woman than a colored man.

The last two has got nothing to do with the rest of the entry. Lack of sleep makes me random.

I like non-linear narratives, too.

I better wake Jap up. I’ve been blogging this nonsense for more than three hours.

Time for my second (non-junk) breakfast!

‘Pag kulang sa tulog, ikain na lang.


listening to: PCD – When I Grow Up

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  1. Finch

     /  August 10, 2008

    “colored man”
    whoa. that’s pretty intense . no worries:)

  2. i chose something that i thought would be used by the prejudiced lot. im not dissing obama. i like him, especially when he danced in the ellen degeneres show. 🙂

  3. “when i grow up i wanna have….” haha! that song is playing in my head a lot these days…

    i actually prefer clinton, i dunno.

    i hope your friend is okay, and you’re such a good friend being there for her.

    see how productive we are when we add something ot our iced coffee? now only if i can do that while at work. haha!

    ebooks are love!!!

  4. LOL.
    You do sound like you’ve had a little too much coffee.

    I said the same thing to Japs when I saw her! Hehe. The kind of friends she has — She must love us. 😀

    Also, Gaiman? Try Good Omens. It’s by him AND Terry Pratchett. I LOVED it. Fuuunny but still dark-ish. But Smoke and Mirrors, his compilation of short stories, would be a good book to devirginize you into the Gaiman fanworld… You get a lot of his different kinds of stories kasi. (Can you tell I’m a fan?) 🙂

  5. hope that japs is okey!

    no sleep makes me random too!


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